Internet Friends and Their Quest for Health: Week 22

Originally posted 2016-06-01 12:00:38.

Hello everyone and welcome to week 22 in the quest of a few internet friends who are trying to get healthy! We want to motivate one another and help each other get on the right track by working out, eating right, and reaching a great state of mind in the process. Join us weekly as we share our personal journey’s and stats to show you all that if we can do it, so can you!


I mentioned last week that I had some sort of plague, well it turns out it was bronchitis and let me tell you I was severely down and out for about a week. I could barley eat, coughed all the time, and had major fevers. I am happy to say that I am finally feeling better, though there is still a bit of a cough. I am taking it a little easy and using the inhaler they gave me before I do any working out. But I am not going 100% yet and that is ok. I need to give my body some time to heal. With this sickness I lost a lot of weight and a few inches and even if it was not done the right way (basically not eating at all) I am glad that I when down past the plateau that I was sitting at for so long. Wanna chat about diet or exercise? Tweet me @Sarindre or follow me on MyFitnessPal as korngirl723. Have a great week!

Starting weight – 180.5

Today’s weight – 155.4

Total inches lost – 19.25″

Bicep – slack – 12.5″, Flex – 13 1/2″

Chest – 33″ (Down 3 3/4″)

Waist – 32.3″ (Down 9″)

Calf – 14.6″

Shoulder – 14.5″

Neck – 13.2

Hips – 38.4″ (Down 3.6″)

Upper Thigh – 21.8″ (Down 2.9″)

You can find me on MyFitnessPal as korngirl723.


 ACK well scales are going the wrong way lol Good news all the partying is done! Bad news, well the scales went up again LOL I am going to participate with Miss Clumsypixie in her 100 days challenge and see how that goes as well! This month is going to be a bit crazy for me, since we are moving, maybe I can get my motivation for health back!
Starting weight: 310.5
Today: 300

I started lifting in addition to running. I decided also to try out this macro thing today, and I won’t lie – I hate it. I feel restricted and I hate being back to thinking about food all day. My numbers looked better to me before I was actually living with them. I’m crabby, tired, and hungry.

I also realized that I did not miss tracking my food at all. I was very much a slave to calorie counting for years and years. I hear that this non-diet is amazing and I know that I need to give it more than 14 hours before throwing in the towel, but I don’t like that I’m already back to obsessing over every meal and what will fit.
Maybe starting with a cut wasn’t the way to go.
I will be completely and utterly shocked if I make it to the end of the day.
And fiber – I completely forgot to even consider my fiber. There are so many numbers. I don’t do numbers. I have an English degree, for crissakes.
Hangry rant over.
WTD – 21.05 miles
LW – 53 miles
MTD – 214.27 miles
YTD – 1051.35 miles


This week was a double edged sword. I got in some killer workouts early in the week, one split with legs and shoulders that was so good that stairs became the enemy for a few days after. The holiday led to a few cook outs and though I tried to limit myself I didn’t outright refuse the kindness of those who had slaved over the grill…and a few long necks may or may not have been sacrificed to the cause (Hey, you have to do something to try to beat this 90+ degree weather. So although the scale didn’t exactly speak of my early week progress the fact that I dropped 1.5% of body fat is letting me know I am doing something right. Looking forward to hitting the gym hard this week and working on a new meal plan.

Starting Weight: 215.6

Weight at the beginning of the week: 210.4

End of Week: 211.0


Starting weight: 213 (3/1)

Last week: 200 (5/20)

This week: 196 (5/27)

Goal weight: 190

The weight loss is great this week, but it’s a little deceiving. Friday marked the end of a weight loss competition at work, and I ran on both Thursday and Friday to try to sweat out some extra lbs. I finished in second place with 13 lbs down during the competition. So, the numbers are a little skewed and I won’t be surprised if I go up a pound or two this week, but I did do the requisite work! I followed through with my plan to make it to the gym three times last week. On day 1, I lifted, focusing on chest, upper back, core, and legs. I set a new personal bench press high with 205lbs. On day 2, I ran 4.3 miles outside. On day 3, I switched it up a little, doing a jog mixed in with 10-100 yard sprints and sets of odd angle pushups and tricep dips. On Sunday I went canoeing with my brothers and cousins on the Allegheny River near Tionesta, Pa. Plan is to stick with the general workout plan for this week.


Dear Diary, today starts my 4th #100days, and exactly 1 year ago (wed jun 1 2015) I decided to get healthy.

I’m going to do little sum up parts here on G&G, but I’m doing my journey still on DekaSteps, and in the Creative Journey, we have mini challenges if you want to play a home private version! Being affiliated with such strong people will help motivation, continue the inspiration, and bring more fun along the way!

 If you would like to join us in this quest, feel free to write us at or reach out to us for a great dose of motivation!