Internet Friends and Their Quest for Health: Week 21

Originally posted 2016-05-25 12:00:00.

Hello everyone and welcome to week 21 in the quest of a few internet friends who are trying to get healthy! We want to motivate one another and help each other get on the right track by working out, eating right, and reaching a great state of mind in the process. Join us weekly as we share our personal journey’s and stats to show you all that if we can do it, so can you!


Hey hey all! I’m back with another fitness update! Whoohooo. Last week I completed the Workout Like The Rock Week Challenge! It was so much fun. I also read up on muscle confusion which is something that Arnold himself advocates. Where am I going with these random sentences you ask? Well I have decided that I will do one week of my current workout routine and then do one week of The Rock routine and then keep switching back and forth. Both are going to target different areas and I hope switch it up enough to keep my muscles guessing. I was going to start this week but I got hit with the plague again which included a fever and was down and out for a few days. Today is my first day back and I worked hard to bust out a leg day and tried to sweat out the sickness. Pretty sure I just made myself tired and cranky! Oh well! I will have to try again tomorrow! Wanna chat about diet or exercise? Tweet me @Sarindre or follow me on MyFitnessPal as korngirl723. Have a great week!

Starting weight – 180.5

Today’s weight – 158.0

Bicep – slack – 12″, Flex – 13 1/2″

Chest – 33″ (Down 3 3/4″)

Waist – 32.6″ (Down 8.7″)

Calf – 14.6″

Shoulder – 15.1″ (Up 2.1″)

Neck – 12.5″ (Down .5″)

Hips – 39.4″ (Down 2.6″)

Upper Thigh – 22.4″ (Down 2.6″)

You can find me on MyFitnessPal as korngirl723.


 Here’s the deal, it’s my birthday today! So you’re not gonna get an update from me haha It’s a no weigh in, cake eating day for me! I’ll be back next week and hopefully this whole birthday thing won’t set me back too far!
Starting weight: 310.5
Today: 295
This week is not particularly healthy for this geek. I’m currently in a workout/diet crisis, trying to figure out if I am going to try IIFYM or continue my current lifestyle. So, on the days when I’m committed to changing to IIFYM, I eat like I am dying because I know I have to change the way I eat. Then, I remember my love of bad things and it makes me not want to change. Then I feel crappy and I decide to change. Then I eat crappy food because I’ll never be able to eat it again. It’s a vicious cycle. Alas.

WTD – 22 miles

LW – 40 miles
MTD – 161.92 miles
YTD – 999 miles (yes really, it’s driving me nuts)


So after being sidelined last week with some issues we are back in action this week. Working a new routine at the gym of back/biceps, chest/triceps, legs/shoulders splits which seems to be working so far. I’m starting to see a size increase in my legs and arms. So grab yourself a tall glass of unleaded and get up and get after it.

Starting Weight: 215.6

Weight at the beginning of the week: 211.6

End of Week: 210.4


Starting weight: 213 (3/1)

Last week: 200 (5/13)

This week: 200 (5/20)

Goal weight: 190

No weight change this week, but that’s alright. Still making fitness progress. I followed through with my plan to make it to the gym three times last week. On day 1, I lifted, focusing on chest, upper back, core, and legs. On day 2, I ran 2.3 miles on the treadmill with increasing speed, and did 2.5 more on the stationary bike. On Day 3 I lifted again focusing on arms, shoulders, core, and legs. My normal Sunday workout fell through, as our soccer game was rescheduled due to field availability and the Penguins game at 8 pm. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate for a trip to the park we meant to take with our daughter, either. Oops! I was pretty busy/active at home, so it wasn’t a total loss. Plan is to stick with the general workout plan for this week.


So this week has been pretty crazy! Busy keeping myself in line because I plan on enjoying some awesome Sushi for my hubby and I’s 12th anniversary this Friday night! Getting back into a gym routine as well which is exciting as I’m ready to build some upper body strength!

Starting weight 232

Current weight 165

 If you would like to join us in this quest, feel free to write us at or reach out to us for a great dose of motivation!
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