Internet Friends and Their Quest for Health: Week 17

Originally posted 2016-04-27 12:00:48.

Hello everyone and welcome to week 17 in the quest of a few internet friends who are trying to get healthy! We want to motivate one another and help each other get on the right track by working out, eating right, and reaching a great state of mind in the process. Join us weekly as we share our personal journey’s and stats to show you all that if we can do it, so can you!


So again I did not have time to measure (ie I forgot to measure, so yeah…..) Things have been crazy busy with TKD testing coming up. I get to test tonight so I will be happy to get that off my plate! My daughter tests on Saturday and she is super excited. We leave for vacation (camping) on Sunday and I have devised a workout and food plan that will fit IIFYM and my lifting schedule. I know it seems silly but this is a lifestyle change, not just a diet and I need to keep at it to be successful! I found my maxes on my deadlifts (165) and bench presses (65) this week too. I am going to work hard to hit those numbers and get stronger!  You can tweet me if you ever want to chat @Sarindre.

Starting weight – 180.5

Today’s weight – 161.2

Bicep – slack – 12″, Flex – 13 1/2″

Under Bust – 33″ (Down 3 3/4″)

Belly Button – 36″ (Down 5 1/2″)

Hips – 40″ (Down 2 1/2″)

Upper Thigh – 24″ (Down 1″)

You can find me on MyFitnessPal as korngirl723.


Again no weight change at the end of the week! There was lots of change during the week however haha My husband is back to work full time again, and has decided to join me in trying to eat better, so that hopefully will help! The worst part is honestly the weekends. The junk food, the chips, pop and all the other stuff that goes with it! We do good all week then eat terrible for the weekend, feel horrible and then start good again Sunday/Monday. It will be really hard to get through the weekend on track! Especially this weekend, we are gone to a HUGE Homeschool conference (I can’t wait, so much curriculum!) We will likely end up having to eat out a bit, I am going to pack up our cooler with some good stuff to take with us and then hopefully eat around that. Goal for this week: Keep away from the chips! I really need to hold up during the weekends lol
Start weight: 310.5
Today’s weight: 294
Not too much to report this week. We are moving tomorrow, but I am actually a week ahead in miles, so I can afford to miss a day or two this week if I need to. I am anticipating some pretty bad food choices this week, but I am ok with that. Next week I’ll be back with a vengeance, on here and on the treadmill!!
Last Week – 55 miles
WTD – 21.5 miles
MTD – 209.56 miles
YTD – 810.08 miles



Okay, I may be over exaggerating just a tad! But yes, I have started a low carb diet. Since I stopped drinking pop + cut out most processed foods, I’ve dropped 5lbs.

Another thing, I joined a gym. Finally. I have a lot of anxiety with doing new things by myself, and well I just said “Screw being unhealthy and fat, I’m gonna do this!” So I did. I meet with a personal trainer in a few days to take my measurements, so next week I will have those for you.

I meal plan now, and cook everything. I shop three times a week at Aldis to avoid Walmart (I LOVE their clearance section!) because I’m over spending. So far eating processed free has cost me $50 this week. I still have two days of shopping, but the whole chicken I cooked last night is probably going to last me a few meals if I freeze it. Which will save time and be fantastic!

I’ve been purchasing fruit that’s on sale – Aldis has Kiwi on sale for 89 CENTS. For 6. You can’t beat that, seriously. I also purchased protein powder from Walmart to help with my protein goals.

I’m doing this, you’re doing this, we can do this!

Add me on MyFitnessPal: Wowmeaghan

I’ve been doing my best to keep up on my new water challenge of a gallon (16 cups) of water a day. It’s much more difficult than it seems, especially for someone like myself who tends not to drink a lot period during the day, if nothing else it keeps me from substituting for other less healthy options like soda or energy drinks. I was also able to get back to the gym more regularly this past week. Four days this week, I’d like to be able to get into a routine of hitting 5-6. Overall it was a pretty good week and the scale seemed to agree.
Starting Weight: 215.6
Weight at the beginning of the week: 213.2
End of Week Weight: 210.6

Starting weight: 213 (3/1)

Last week: 203 (4/15)

This week: 204 (4/22)

Goal weight: 190

I fell behind a little on my weight goal, but weight alone really isn’t the point. I know I was getting after it with my workouts, and I just need to be a leetle more conscious of what I’m eating. I followed through with my plan to make it to the gym three times last week. On day 1, I lifted, focusing on chest, upper back, core, and legs. On day 2, I ran 5 miles outside. Day 3 I lifted again focusing on arms, shoulders, core, and legs. We had another soccer game on Sunday, and even though I’m still not where I want to be, I could feel that I’ve made a lot of progress over the past few months. Plan is to stick with the workout regimen and try to eat a little healthier this week.



Hey everyone!! I hope you’ve all had a great week!! Mine has been filled with ups and downs, but thankfully my eating stayed on point! I officially weigh in on Wednesday’s but as of today I’m 175!! I’m 10 lbs from my goal that I’ve set for July!! My mom said she’d get me an awesome bike if I hit it before she gets here!! Mission on wink emoticon My sons birthday is this weekend so wish me luck on just sampling the Cake and not binging it later at night lol.

Starting weight 232

Current weight 175

 If you would like to join us in this quest, feel free to write us at or reach out to us for a great dose of motivation!