Internet Friends and Their Quest for Health: Week 1

Originally posted 2016-01-06 20:00:51.

Hello everyone and welcome to the first post in the quest of a few internet friends who are trying to get healthy! We want to motivate one another and help each other get on the right track by working out, eating right, and reaching a great state of mind in the process. Join us weekly as we share our personal journey’s and stats to show you all that if we can do it, so can you!


So it is week one and I have started my path to a healthier me! I did not want to do this to be honest. I was so happy just enjoying food, being fat and happy, and relaxing. But my husband wanted to get in shape so here I am. Last January after the death of my best friend I went on a crash diet and lost 30 pounds. Most of it was baby weight (my son was only a year) and it felt amazing. I bought all new clothes, people commented on how great I looked and I was down to 160 which was awesome.

Then we went on vacation and I just stopped dieting. I felt good and happy and just wanted to live life. I kept saying that I would start again and lose more to my goal of 140 but I just didn’t. So from May till December I ate what I wanted and gained 20 pounds back. My pants got tighter and it really made me sad to know that all the hard work I was doing went down the drain. When my husband approached me about wanting to get in shape I resisted but then after thinking about it I realized that it needed to happen.

Here I am today weighing 179.5 (down a whole pound so far) and it is just the beginning. I have been using MyFitnessPal and on the 1200 calorie diet, which sucks I cannot lie. I have been working out at night as well. First doing the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout by my favorite trainer, Jillian Michaels and I will move onto more of her videos as I progress. We are looking into buying an elliptical which would be wonderful since I LOVE those machines. I even bought one of those under the desk elliptical’s for work since I mostly sit all day at my job (PS they are on SUPER SALE!!).

That is me, and I am here to help motivate and work together with this amazing crew on the quest to get healthy!

You can find me on MyFitnessPal as korngirl723.


Hey Elyntia here! With new years, come resolutions! My motivation for this is less about resolutions (cus I never keep them anyway) and more about feeling good again! Last year until about September I was clean eating (mostly paleo) not doing too much exercise but had lost about 30 lbs and felt FABULOUS.  A slew of birthdays between the end of August through the end of October, then throw in Halloween stuff and roll that right into Christmas has thrown me for a loop and I’ve put some of it back on! Just like everyone else I suppose haha

Anyway here I am, getting on board with the Geeks Crew and we’re going to make sure we each do what we’re supposed to be doing, by working out, eating well (going back to my paleo/keto type diet) and hopefully losing that weight again!

I have about 150 lbs left to lose, crazy eh? I don’t FEEL like I weigh 300 lbs but sure enough that’s what the scales said this morning 308. Somewhere in my years it crept up and well there it is!

That’s not even as much as last year at this time so at least there’s that lol

It’s Tuesday night and I’m hurting pretty bad because I used the wrong work out Monday night and my legs are still in pain from it lol Tuesday I did the right work out and it was way easier! Still pretty tough and my legs still hurt but that is still some left over from Monday’s workout!

Here are the stats from today (Tuesday night), hopefully over the year as we do this they will improve and I won’t fall off the wagon this time haha

Weight: 308

Chest: 49”

Waist: 51”

Hips: 60”



So I’m Misty. I’m about 30 years old and am 5’5” tall. I currently weigh around 165, although my shape hasn’t changed all the much from High School. (I think it’s all in my thighs and the fact that I lost some muscle mass). I don’t ‘do’ diets very well. I have a very low willpower when it comes to snacks at work. However, I do take vitamins. I have removed cheese almost completely out of my diet although the last month, I’ve been pretty terrible about it. My husband and I eat a lot of vegetables and rarely snack on things like chips or cookies. For me, the focus is all on exercise. I plan on doing Tabata Training because I love it. I did this routinely a year ago and I’ve missed it. ( ). In addition, my exercise includes DDR and walks or hikes. The hiking has taken a downfall since winter descended, but here’s hoping that some indoor activity and a new yoga mat I received for Christmas will do me good.
I am no stranger to Jillian Micheals, in fact she is one of my favorite “Work out at home” trainers.  I’m very familiar with her 30-day Shred and her circuit training.  Last year I got the best results from her, so of course I wanted to try another program of hers.
This time though, it’s a bit different.  I’m 5’3, and my current weight is 240lbs, the heaviest weight in my life.  I’m not active what so ever, and I had a difficult time with the warm ups.  But that’s okay, because Jillian has this brilliant way of making you bust your butt, but is also nice at the same time and doesn’t make you feel like crap for not being able to keep up.
I have zero upper body strength so the plank-hybrid exercise beat me up.  I did about four before I fell to the ground, rolled over, and took a tiny water break.  I’m so thankful to have these other wonderful ladies for support and tips!
Do you use MyFitnesPal? I would love to be friends for support and encouragement.  You can add me: WoWmeaghan
I’ll also be posting my after work out pictures, yummy food I eat, and my 100+ pound loss journey.  You can find me on Instagram at:
My fitness/health info –
1. Currently 161.5 pounds. Goal weight is 145 pounds.
2. Fitness Pal suggests 1200 calories a day so that’s what I’m doing.
3. My name on Fitness Pal is Seashellsmiles in case any of the readers want to join & befriend me 🙂
4. Once lost 4 stone through lots of running (good) but with a very poor diet (bad). Everyone applauded me but I’d not done it the right way food wise & it was during a time when I was generally very unhappy. Then things got back on track and with contentment came weight gain!
5. The past year has been more tumultuous again and exercise has taken a major backseat. I am hoping things will settle down in 2016 but in any case I’ve made the decision that I have to stop letting my emotions dictate my food/exercise choices.
6. In addition I suffer with terrible leg spasms (if you read my rather dark Shiver story, which is posting tomorrow,  you’ll see where the idea came from – though everything else in the story is of course fictional!!) I think sugar makes my legs worse and so I also want to improve my diet for that.
7. I will be trying to do some exercise three times a week but haven’t decided what yet. I have a terrible cold at present so I’m focusing on the diet to start with. I found workouts on this site – – these look good so I’m probably going to try & start doing therm.
That’s about it really. Only been on the healthier eating kick for one day – so far so good!  It is harder at present when we still have so much Xmas chocolates around the house  but these will go in time & get replaced with healthier things.
If you would like to join us in this quest, feel free to write us at or reach out to us for a great dose of motivation!
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