Inktober ’16: Week 1 of PixieInk

Originally posted 2016-10-09 12:00:03.

First off, if you’ve never heard of Inktober, don’t worry. I didn’t know it existed until exactly the day it started this year.

Secondly, here’s Mr. Jake Parker’s website which can explain all the whoo-ha about it.

Each week, I’m going to do a wrap up of my previous week’s worth of art, and share it with everyone.

I have to admit, my art is seriously slacking. Moving around so much (16 times since July of 2013) in the last 3 years has left me with very few resources or [honestly] desire to be creative.

I will never claim I was anything stupendous, especially in comparison to artisans who ply their skills and touch their pen/paint/pastels (are pastels still a ‘thing’ now or have they just kind of gone away? See how out of touch I am?) and pencil crayons (I do have a killer set of Prismacolors that I am just loving because they are my second set I’ve ever owned and I treat them almost as well as I treat the cats. (Yes, please feel free to assume I spoil my pencil crayons, because I do. They have their own drawer to stay out of the sunlight, I talk to them, I lovingly sharpen them, and NO ONE ELSE USES THEM. *breathe Pixie!*

So you’re going to also lol because I apparently still suck at counting, and have Day 4’s pick (the one with the 4 belly rubs) listed as the 2nd day 3.

I’ll try to get some help counting for next week.

Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


The actual Day 4


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7


There’s still time to catch up, and we’re showing them off in the Creative Journey group daily, so come on in and show us what you’ve got!

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