In Her Dreams

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The eyes fluttered, but she remained asleep through the rain. A half-hearted yawn escaped from her mouth, but the mind was already slipping into the realm of the dream world.
There, she was fearless. She was not timid and shy, but rather incredibly brave and unafraid to demand what she wanted from life.
She was lithe and graceful, never uncoordinated and lacking the balance that she had when she was wandering through the day world.
She preferred the time when her eyes could close and she could forget the universe’s harsh realities.
In her dreams, she was trusting and sweet and wanted for nothing. Not that she was ever desiring to be spoiled; she would be grateful for the mere distractions she had around her most days, yet she longed to be able to voice her pleasure, and displeasure if so be the case, in reality as well as she could in her dreams.
Her legs twitched, signaling the deeper sleep had swallowed her happily.
She was incredibly light on her feet, and could nearly float and dance with the tiniest touch of pad to ground. Her ill-fated reality was always long forgotten when the eyes closed and the dream-state took hold.
Sometimes her dreams would turn sour, and she would be forced to relive the silent horrors, only to wake, scared, confused, and unsure of her surroundings. That’s when her adopted mama would find her, hear her crying, and comfort her, reassuring her that that time had passed, and she was so utterly loved, that she need never worry or fear a moment again. 
Her breathing would calm, and she would relax, noticeably, to the point where she could close her eyes again, and soon, her adorable nostrils would flex, and that would be the starting sign that she was again drifting off.
If only her mama could take away her sadness, and only make it so she could have happy dreams forever. She could chase butterflies and splash in puddles and try to catch the little lizards that ran around. She would toss her toys in the air, eat all of her food without hesitation, and ask for nothing by the love and companionship she had available.
She’s a beautiful girl, and looks so peaceful in her sleep. Maybe her next dream, she’ll finally catch that red dot, or she’ll be a ferocious tiger. Only in her dreams, can she be the queen of her jungle. In reality, she’s just the sweetest snowshoe ever.

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