Home Made Sloppy Joes!

Originally posted 2016-08-01 12:00:19.

This, right here, is going in my crock pot today for dinner tonight!

I don’t have specifically paleo bbq sauce, but I have Bulls-Eye and I have found the ingredients to be acceptable,Paleo-Sloppy-Joes-3b so I use it for just about everything now.

Recipe can be found here: My Natural Family¬†and it looks delish! With only a few ingredients – ground beef, peppers, onions etc… it looks really promising, we’ll also not be using paleo buns because it’s summer and I just don’t want to make them lol

I just thought this would be a great alternative to opening a can from the grocery store and throwing it together, I really love sloppy joes but not so much eating from cans, so I was really happy to find this online! Can’t wait for dinner tonight, it smells awesome!

Photo is from the blog!