Hearthstone 2015 World Championship – the Final

Originally posted 2015-11-08 08:22:14.

download (3)Like last year, the climax of Blizzcon’s Hearthstone World Championship was a rather quick no-nonsense affair with Swedish Ostkaka triumphing over Canadian Hotform in three games.

The first game was a fascinating contest between two types of Mage – Hotform’s Tempo Mage (which I play) and Ostkaka’s Freeze Mage (which I now want to play). The freeze mage is a notoriously slow deck (sent me to sleep during the Ostkaka/Kranich semi). The player basically builds up his hand with a range of spells (frostbolts, fireballs, ice lances etc), waiting for the chance to play Alexstrasza to reduce the opponent’s health to 15, and then burn or freeze his enemy to death (normally a bit of both) on the next turn. It’s not for the faint hearted but it worked like a a dream for Ostkaka and he quickly despatched Hotform’s rather tempo-less mage.

In the second game it was Hotform’s Rogue against Ostkaka’s Patron Warrior. While the Patron Warrior deck is no longer as powerful as it was before the Warsong Commander nerf it still has a lot to offer and while Ostkaka never quite succeeded in getting his full patron army going he did enough to get the rogue on the ropes and an enraged (is he ever happy?) Grommash finishing the job for him.

For the final game it was Hotform’s Druid against Ostkaka’s Violet Teacher rogue. I’d forgotten all about the Violet Teacher  and the damage she can deal with her loyal apprentices. Before I had chance to blink (though I am a notoriously slow blinker so don’t read too much into this) Ostkaka had a board full of Violet Teacher apprentices. Although Hotform had a handy swipe it couldn’t quite clear everything and once Ostkaka had applied a little oil to his trusty blades Hotform knew it was over (despite the big fat taunt he had placed his side of the board). In fact I can only assume he knew Ostkaka had both a blade flurry and had just drawn Azure Drake because when I watched he seemed to concede at 5 health  before Ostkaka actually did anything – although maybe there was a delay on my stream or something.

So Ostkaka is the winner. He was presented with the rather stunning Hearthstone trophy by Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime and then received a lot of hugs and well dones from his fellow Hearthstone players (they look a lovely bunch).  I had a little tear in my eye I must admit – particularly when he held the trophy above his head and all the crowd cheered. Well done Ostkaka – a really solid performance and a well deserved win. And apparently the name Ostkaka means cheesecake. Awesome. He is both a worthy Hearthstone winner and a tasty dessert – doesn’t get much better than that.