Healthy Peanut Butter/Chocolate Cups

Originally posted 2016-04-25 12:00:44.

It’s been a while since this one was posted, (Sept 3, 2015) and I made them again yesterday! They never last long! This time however I went and found some little mini paper cupcake wrappers to use, which really helped with getting them out of the pan without mangling them lol They looked way better this time around with the little wrappers! So here you are! My PB cup recipe!

Peanut butter was on sale, so this recipe is because of that! I like to keep the price down! OH and I used a coupon and got myself one of those mini cupcake pans finally, this stuff is turning out really good so I will get some use out of it after all!

Today’s recipe review from Pinterest comes from Life Made Whole, and you can find the recipe here:  Healthy PB Cups20150815_110454


For the PB mixture:

  • 3/4 C all natural PB (hence waiting for a sale)
  • 1/4 C coconut oil
  • and 2 tbsp honey

For the chocolate on top:

2 tbsp of each20150815_111639

  • coconut oil
  • butter
  • cocoa
  • honey

It’s pretty warm here right now so I didn’t warm the coconut oil and the peanut butter like in the article, mine mixed together smoothly just in a bowl, it’s hitting 40C out there right now with the humidity and we haven’t turned the air on! I mixed all the ingredients for the bottom peanut butter layer and put about a teaspoon of that mixture into the little mini cupcake pan holes. Then it went to the freezer while I mixed up the chocolate portion.

I did melt the coconut oil and butter together for the chocolate part, I used the microwave and put it in for 15 seconds until it was just barely all melted. Then I stirred in the cocoa and honey until it was all smooth.  I did all this mixing in a measuring cup so it would be easy to pour on top of the frozen peanut butter.

I pulled the pan out of the freezer and poured just enough chocolate mix on the top to cover the peanut butter, I ended up running out of chocolate and had to go back and make another half portion to finish covering the peanut butter spots.  Then back into the freezer they went!

I left them there for about an hour or so and then put them in to a container with a lid and then back into the freezer they will stay!

Definitely a ten on the taste scale for this one! The recipe worked out exactly like the original blog said it would! A must try for sure!20150815_123752