Healthy Idea #5

Originally posted 2017-03-31 14:30:41.

It is so easy to get caught up in the social media storms.

Politics, “hot button” topics, and even dirty snarky cyberbullying can begin to change what you see online.

Without getting too heavy into the technical side of things, there are ways all of the websites you use will be able to customise your viewing experience; granted most of the time, these are harmless and they are geared to helping you find excellent things – best pair of shoes, places to stay in Manchester when you go for one of your best friend’s weddings, and so on.

But if you’re constantly “liking” the negative things, and sharing the negative, and commenting on it, soon, you’re going to start to see ONLY THAT in your newsfeed.

This isn’t to harp on you; we all get caught in this, especially with the giant Cheeto running around threatening the world. How can we not feel compelled to get out our soap boxes?

For one week, try this: DO NOT CLICK on things you don’t want to see. Sounds simple enough, right? UNFOLLOW people who are only sharing that negative content. Search out things you DO want to see, be it kittens or steampunk or funny babies laughing.

Your newsfeed will learn your new algorithms and it will start to change. Once you do one week, add another, and soon, you’re only going to see the things you really want to see. BE WELL!!!

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