Healthy Challenge #4

Originally posted 2017-03-24 14:30:08.

How does shutting off tech (computer, laptop, television, etc.) even ten minutes before bed help?

Simple: Your brain has the time and ability to shut out the rest of the world, to begin to prepare for your sleep cycle. This has been tested, peer reviewed and acknowledged as fact. You need to be able to disengage before you sleep.

In the last ten years, more people have become insomniacs, due to this sad-but-true point: taking their technology to bed with them. Shutting their laptop lid, and grabbing their phone or tablet and lying in bed with it, staying emotionally attached to the world up until exhaustion overtakes them. The brightness and glare are hard on the eyes.

Once you’ve disengaged for 10 minutes, try 20, and so on. Do something that doesn’t require much brain activity. And yes, for those who have a tablet that can switch to the blue shade, that’s fine; those have been designed to filter out the harsh look of a screen, to mimic a physical book.

Getting into this habit will be better for others too, as they will get you at your best the next morning!

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