Healthy Challenge #3:

Originally posted 2017-03-17 14:30:56.

This might seem like a simple one at first, but there are a lot of correlations between consistent sleep and how that affects and effects you in your waking life.

This is no mere statement, and there have been conclusively peer reviewed and globally accepted points about this.

Here are a few facts (<< not alt facts) regarding sleep:

  1. Consistent bedtimes help your body prepare for sleep better;
  2. You’re more likely to feel rested if you are sleeping in a consistent pattern;
  3. You are less likely to have insomnia, wakeful moments, and disturbances.
  4. Consistent sleep patterns help you be more rested, and in turn have a massive affect/effect of your daily life. There are many many benefits to a consistent sleep, but for sake of brevity, I’ll point out the three most likely ones for you:
    1. You will be less likely to be depressed (like you would from merely lack of sleep – and this sucks);
    2. You will have more attention/attentiveness toward work/school/hobbies/spouse/children/everything in general;
    3. Your body will physically get into a healthier routine, and you will be able to raise your own healthy perspective because you are feeling better;
  5. You will enjoy bedtime more, when you’re not guilting yourself into bed at 3am.
  6. Consistent sleep will affect your mood, your perspective on things, and your appetite will become regulated by knowing when to expect meals.

These are only a few of the benefits, and we encourage you to speak with your medically trained and certified professional if you have need of a dental exam, or sleep study to find out if you have a sleep disorder (TMJ, apnea, etc.) or insomnia/pain related to sleeping/laying down.

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