Healthy Challenge #2:

Originally posted 2017-03-10 14:30:59.

Some days, our bodies have a mind of their own it seems, right?

For those of us who live with crippling chronic illnesses (mine tend to be in the form of bad back issues, carpal tunnel in both arms/wrists, and migraines that knock me on my ass for WEEKS at a time), doing a lot of “extra” physical activity may not be possible. We likely all know someone who is restricted in mobility – be it an older family member who has walked their life’s share of steps and now needs a walker to help them, a friend with need of a wheelchair when their body seizes up and refuses to do tasks they still need to accomplish in a day, or even special shoes or bracers to help correct the way someone walks, so they can get a bit more mobility.

The point about these healthy challenges isn’t to make people feel like they are so far outside of the realm of possible, that they are unattainable. Many times, able-bodied people forget that two minutes moving around to someone with debilitating muscle disorders can be the same to them as 2 hours walked by someone who sometimes takes it for granted. That’s not to shame people; Cersei did enough of that for all of us. I am merely pointing out that some will scoff at the 2 minute suggestion, and why it’s just as valid as any other increment of time listed.

Simply put: Do what is right for you. If you are bound to a wheelchair, but can do ankle rotations, do that. If you can merely use your left hand in order to squeeze a stress ball, that’s your limit.

You should speak to a qualified Medical Doctor (not someone who hasn’t studied for over 10 years of their lives to better understand humans – and do not google what is best for you) – see. a. real. doctor, and do what is right for you.

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