Ham and Swiss Roll Ups

Originally posted 2016-08-29 12:00:53.

We had a 16th birthday party this past weekend, and found this recipe while looking for cool things to have for lunch that day.¬†We already had the hamburgers and hot dogs, some of that awesome Tostito dip with the cream cheese and stuff (maybe another recipe one day for here!). The photos on Pinterest made this look AMAZING so I figured I’d give it a shot!

We had a couple stumbling blocks – like I didn’t have poppy seeds, but I figured that wasn’t too big of a deal, we can skip those, but then in the middle of making this thing, I realized I was also out of Worcestershire sauce, yikes! After running the whole thing past my Mom we decided we could skip that too for now, being pressed for time and all lol

This will be our new party go to for sure! Maybe even Christmas morning and whatever other time I can find an excuse to make it! It was so good, we had to cut them into pieces so everyone could have some, and they looked completely horrible when they came out of the oven, not all neat and tidy like the photos in the recipe, but so delicious!

A definite must!

Recipe here!20160827_08525320160827_09164020160827_094350