Great Anime to Watch!

Originally posted 2016-08-03 17:00:37.

So I absolutely love anime and I try to watch as much as I can whenever I can, I’ve been doing this for approximately 4 years and thus I have watched a fair few. I would like to share some of them that have left an impression on me, this may be due to a good story or perhaps because they were so funny.

  1. DanMachi! – I recently finished watching this and I have to say it was great. I will admit that it is not complete and that it needs some work but hopefully it will be picked up for a second season and will fill those gaps it has left. It’s definitely a good watch if you are interested in and RPG kind of experience from an anime.
  2. Anohana – If you have seen this already then you know why it is here. This is a beautiful anime that wrenches at the heart and hits you in the feels, if you are looking for something to experience along with the characters then check this out. It will likely make you cry and make you want to hug those you love.
  3. Akame ga Kill – This is an awesome anime that will make you glad that we live in a world like we do. This is a great series for those who like some action and an awesome storyline to connect it all.
  4. Princess Mononoke – Want a beautifully scripted and developed film? This is an excellent example. I believe this to be Studio Ghibli’s finest work, the animation is splendid and the characters are interesting. Definitely worth a watch for anyone, and suitable for children aged 13+.
  5. My Little Monster – I just want to say I love this, it’s just so heartwarming. I suppose I can’t just say that though…its funny yet serious at times, its confusing yet clear as day and its honestly just beautiful. The relationship development of characters feels so natural but in such an unusual way, if I’m confusing you then I’m sorry but that is this anime. You need to watch this piece of art, you need to fall in love with this. This is the perfect heartwarming comedy for a family to all enjoy.

Thank you for reading! This isn’t the usual thing I post on my blog but I thought that these anime deserved to be told.

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