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There’s a part in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves (withhold your judgement on the movie, and just deal with the fact that Morgan Freeman was hilarious in it) where he {Morgan’s character, Azeem the Moor} says to Robin {Kevin Costner} who is laying in the stream being walloped good and proper like by Little John before joining with the unruly bunch to form the Merry Men of Sherwood Forest*, “Get up. Move Faster.”

the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves scene took place here

the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves scene took place here

(*yes, I love the actual story, even if it’s been redone a bunch of times and made to be trite and horrible and who even thinks that the Sheriff of Nottingham is a decent bloke, don’t get me started on that despicable take on the story where Morgan Freeman isn’t in it, and neither is Cary Elwes wearing tights in that Russell Crowe craziness!) I had to get that off my chest people!!!

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Yes, all that for something I could have just said to you and not given credit, as it’s just a comment. But there’s a reason I have that moment pointed out.

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Robin is already TRYING his best to best Little John, and it’s not exactly “helpful” information that Azeem has given to Robin. He hasn’t given him a strategy to beat Little John; in fact, it’s a very simple little idea. Get up. Move faster.

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But let’s break that down for a moment.

Getting up – physically, requires a host of different things to happen, and thankfully in the midst of a depressive state, you don’t have to do most of them. Your body is really good at doing this kind of thing, but what it does need from you is a mental agreeing notion of doing, and then the actual ‘get up’ part. All the thinky-thinky parts of how to do it, and what muscles to use and where the blood will flow to and so on is all handled by the Inside Out team, so don’t worry at all about that part.

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Getting up requires your action and compliance. You have to decide you’re going to change. Otherwise, wallowing in the water, expecting some great epiphany of help isn’t going to come. Azeem didn’t need to physically fight Robin’s battles. What he did was remind him that he had the tools within himself that he could best Little John if he were to be a bit more diligent.

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So look at your depression as Little John. Or Feral Felicia. Or whatever you want to name it. Put a name to that though, so you can BEST IT.
You need to actively do the things to fix you.

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The ‘moving faster’ part doesn’t mean go for a marathon the second you are standing. It just means move faster than not moving at all. Then stay in motion. That’s why these two parts are together. Don’t allow yourself to be alone too long with your own brain, and getting physically active are jointly beneficial and can change how you deal with your depression.

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When you are actively participating in your life, you are making memories, fulfilling bucket-list requirements, forging new friendships, breaking new boundaries and building new plans, dreaming new dreams to share and enjoy with loved ones… I’ve said this countless times, and it’s worth repeating again: Don’t sit on the sidelines of your own life.

It’s all too easy to come up with an excuse as to why you don’t want to do something in a day. It’s raining, such and such is too expensive to do, so I don’t want to do anything, I just want to veg and sit on Facebook for a few minutes… Yeah we’ve told ourselves the same things time and again. But “a few minutes” on Facebook starts out at 5:43am and ends around 11:58pm. What have we learned? That some singer got married to some actor and everyone was a flap because the actor decided to dress up as some Shakespearean character and the singer went as Medusa (yes, I totally made that up on the fly, but now I am hoping to see that!), we now know who on our Facebook feed is voting (or would vote) for which political candidate in the US election this year, and have made a decision regarding their rational, educational, and other “als” states of being based on which candidate they have chosen to support openly. We’ve learned that cats are still adorable, and that some people shouldn’t be trusted with a keyboard, let alone an internet connection. We’ve learned… not how to be a better person, but to become part of the Borg collective. Trust me, I’m just as guilty of it as anyone. I willingly submit to the “one of us” mentality for way too significant a time during a day.

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This lack of internet at our apartment the week I wrote this back in April (in Nevis) was bittersweet. I desperately feel unconnected, but when I get online, there’s no fanfare saluting my grand return. Not that I’m exactly expecting it, but it is obvious that life goes on without my internet existence. That’s not to say I don’t miss the messages and posts on my wall of “I miss you!” – those do help with a tiny little blaster trumpet horn of happiness. It’s nice to be noticed, and missed. It means you’ve touched someone’s life, and in order to do that, you HAVE to participate in life.

That big bad world can be scary, I know, but try. Just one little bit today, to reach out and do something that you haven’t tried before. Get up, move faster. Tomorrow you can move faster than today…

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