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This article is going to come with a bit of a disclaimer at the beginning of it, because I don’t want to leave anyone out, but I am specifically directing what I have to say to the able-bodied demographic of the populous.

Getting outside at least once a day can be tricky for some, and I’m going to go out on a bit of a tangent and say that if you’re disabled and need to rely on someone else and because of that, are at the mercy of others, or you’re in a hospital bed and unable to get outside, I am so very sorry that you’re unable to feel the sunlight on your face.
I also haven’t met anyone personally, but do know there are individuals in the world who are physically allergic to the the affects of the sun, and as such, I’ll suggest that if they are able to get out and enjoy the moonlight, maybe that would be an option.


Now, back to those of you who thought I’d just go on and ignore the fact you sit on your bed/couch/futon/puff/chair/whatever and come up with a billion excuses as to why you can’t get off your ass and physically go outside right this moment, including “my kid is sleeping” – your kid doesn’t sleep 24/7, and they need time outside anyway. Make it fun for everyone involved, weather permitting. There are even places that can simulate the sunshine for the added vitamin D, so that you and your kids don’t end up with Season Anxiety Disorder (or other names it goes by in different parts of the world.)

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You didn’t pack on the weight, bad habits, shitty spending, smoking (or other) addiction in a day, night or even a week. I’m sorry [not sorry] to break this to you, but it will take a lot more motivation and cognisant effort in order to remove it from your life and set a proper plan in action. Breaking a habit is hard, and learning a healthy one takes diligence and practice and concentrated actual effort. Sweat equity isn’t just something I reference on Ten More Tuesdays; it’s a necessity. You HAVE to be willing to put the time and hard work into what you are doing, or you won’t see anything positive as a result.


What are the things to do once you’re outside? Honestly, it depends what is available in your area.
I can give you a few options for you to check out, but you’ll have to do some searching, and you’re bound to come up with things that will amuse you.

First, you’ll have to decide if you want to spend money or you want to have a free experience. Let’s look at some free options first, and then we’ll explore some paid ones.
**And since I do not know your personal neighbourhood/village/city/region/etc, you’ll have to decide whether or not something is feasible, available, etc. based on safety, distance to travel (and means – walk v car for instance), and even times available (you, the actual event/facility/location). If you want to go for a swim at a beach and the closest one is hours away by car and you don’t have a car, you might want to consider a different outing.


Here’s a quick list of 10 “free” ideas to get you active:

  • Walk around your block
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Roller blade/roller skate/skateboard
  • Hula hoop, jump rope, double Dutch (does require multiple people)
  • Tether ball
  • Planting trees in a forest
  • Gardening – flowers or vegetables
  • Hiking/long walk through a park
  • Taking a dog (preferably one you know!) to a dog park and playing with them
  • Go for a swim at the beach/local pool/watering hole/waterfall/whatever is closest and free!


bonus one: Charity events – I.E. Habitat for Humanity – get out and help a great cause and help someone in the process.

Now, 10 “paid”  (some added ones for cold winter days where you want to be out of the house and actively participating in fun) activities:

  • Indoor trampoline/gymnastics facility
  • Indoor “rock” climbing
  • Indoor skate park (roller or board)
  • Dog agility classes – where you participate
  • Equestrian riding/training
  • Hang gliding/parasailing
  • Paddle boat rental/canoe/kayak
  • Painting a fence, barn, gazebo, bench, doghouse… I think you see where I’m going with this.
  • Walk/run marathon (entry fee is needed)
  • Camping (yes, this requires an overnight possibly, but that makes it even more fun!)
  • Scuba diving

bonus one: Charity: Go to donate your vehicle and/or your time in preparation of food and deliver it to shut-ins, who wouldn’t be able to get a warm cooked meal otherwise.


See? That doesn’t take much to come up with a host of different fun options.

Now, you come up with something, get off the couch, and get motivated, today!

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