Gear for a Sapling.

Originally posted 2010-02-25 13:07:07.

Being a new tree at 80 is not easy there are many things to learn and lots of groups that will put you down if you do no do well. However, Blizzard has made it easy to get the gear we need to be effective and ready to raid. The new looking for group system (and do not forget the fact of being a healer so you will get in to groups almost instantly) makes it fast and simple to badge grind over and over. Conqueror’s Malfurion’s Garb is the T9 set that you will be looking to pick up. Wowhead has a wonderful page that shows a clear chart of what the gear provides.

Here are all the pieces:

These pieces are easy to get and will prepare you for a raid.

Now, though I like all of the pieces for the bonus, you really only need four to get it and there are other badge gear that is better that can be bought. I believe that there are other pieces that can replace the normal tier gear.

Mask of Abundant Growth costs 75 triumph badges and is a major upgrade from the tier helm. Now if you get this helm you are still benefiting from the 4 piece bonus from the tier gear. But if you do not care about the bonus and only care about gear score (which you should NOT be doing the 4 piece bonus is a very nice one esp for raiding) then you can also get the Epaulets of the Fateful Accord. These are 45 badges and are a nice upgrade from the drops in many of the heroics. But like I said, you will not be getting the tier bonus so there is a trade off.

The next piece of buyable gear is an idol, rings, and trinket. All of which are major upgrades and will last till you replace with frost gear or ICC gear.

So all and all you will need a total of 380 Triumph Badges. This may seem like a lot, but as a healer you will almost always get a quick group in for the random dungeons and those 2 extra badges per run will really add up.With all this gear the only pieces you will need are a neck, cloak, wrist, main hand, off-hand, belt, feet, and one more trinket. The rest of these times will be drops from dungeons (most the new ones).

Now boots and cloaks are generally hard to come by so here are a few options:



  • Relentless Gladiator’s Cloak of Salvation – Now I know this is a PvP cloak, but until you get a cloak out of ICC or with frost badges this seems to be the best bet. It is better than the Ulduar drops as well. It costs 26,100 honor which should only take 1/2 to get.

There it is! All the gear that you will need to get you raid ready. Tomorrow…gems!

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