Garbage Can Potatoes

Originally posted 2015-09-14 08:53:26.

Now this one came across my facebook feed a couple years ago, and I just couldn’t resist. I just couldn’t let that one go by without seeing if I could actually grow potatoes in a garbage can!

According to facebook these are the steps: grab a Rubbermaid garbage can from Walmart (or wherever you can get it cheap), drill some holes in the
bottom of the can, and up the sides about 1/3 of the way up the can.  We only drilled holes on two sides of the can, not all the way around.

We put some sand in the bottom of the can to help with drainage, and20150826_115326 then covered the sand with a couple inches of black earth.  After that we
went and bought potato seeds. You read that right, potato seeds.  All they really are, are organic potatoes.  The ones you generally purchase at the store are made so that they won’t go to seed, that way you can’t buy a 1$ bag of potatoes at the store and then grow your own from them. Some people say that they are irradiated to prevent growth, I’ve never researched on my own about that part, but honestly it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if they were.

You only need about 4 potato seeds for your can, maybe 5. You want to leave lot’s of room so they have the space to grow out, if there isnt’ much space they won’t get very big!  Go ahead and place those on top of the dirt in the can and then cover them with another couple inches of dirt.

As the20150826_115318 plants grow, continue to cover them up with dirt until they are growing out the top of your can.  Then all you have to do it wait and keep them watered. The plants are going to grow quite large, and flower and keep doing their thing.  Once the flowers and plants start dying off, you can go ahead and pull them right out of the can and start searching for potatoes!

That’s my kids favorite part! We dump the can out in the driveway and collect all our potatoes. Then they sweep up all the dirt and put it back in the can. The first year I used too many seeds and ended up with a little beach bucket of potatoes, this year we did much better and collected half a grocery bag full of them! Next year I am hoping for an even better haul.  I think I might just be catching onto this whole ‘grow your own food’ thing!


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