Gamer Diarrhea!

Originally posted 2015-05-18 20:31:42.

Right now, I am sitting here wondering what game to play tonight and realize that I have absolutely no clue. With The Witcher 3 coming out tomorrow that might solve my slight intestinal problem. A little problem that I call “gamer diarrhea.” We have all suffered this affliction, sometimes without even knowing it. When you power up your chosen device for that night and look at the screen and realize there are just so many great games. This my friend is gamer diarrhea.

There are so many good games, some better than others, that I have a major issue choosing which one to dedicate my ever limited play time each night. My wife (the brains) came up with a solution, a gamer schedule that we lay out and play a chosen game that night and change it every night. Now this idea, however great it is, still doesn’t solve my major problem, another affliction I call gamer ADD. This occurs when I am playing World of Warcraft and…oh look Starcraft!  I think the major issue is the fact that I like all games spanning all the genres, from MMO’s to traditional RPG’s to sports and even tabletop games. Maybe if there is a way to narrow that down but then again back to gamer diarrhea (from here on will be known as my affliction).

My affliction started when I was very young and my dad brought home a NES, the original, with Metroid and Mario games. These are two games that I loved and played the wheels off of, especially Metroid.  Later when I was older it became PS 1 and N64 (Perfect Dark and Golden Eye) and then so on and so forth. I now play mostly on a PC and a PS4, but also have two little minions that run around razing havoc everywhere they go. You might think that the two minions were enough to slow down my affliction, however it has only made it worse. When the night becomes mommy and daddy time I find that internal battle starting and wonder to myself “what should I play?” By the time I get to my chosen device I start logging in and then immediately think that I should play something else. Ahhhhhhhhh!! This makes gaming so hard, but it also shows my passion and desire to game.

Keep calm and game on.