Game Night with Geeks Presents: The Forgotten Prince – An Introduction

Originally posted 2015-06-30 20:09:59.

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Adrie Liadon steps of the boat after a long ride from Luskan to Waterdeep, about a week to be exact.  The winds were fair and the journey was shorter than anticipated.  As Adrie stretch’s out the journey’s cramps and tightness she looks around the area.  Noticing a particular location that seems to be bustling, more so than the other areas near the docks.  She bids her crew and former friends good bye and thanks for the lift.  The captain nods his head and continues his work.  As Adrie heads toward the bar, which the sign outside reads “Sailors Serenity,”  she notices a variety of people standing outside, and one in particular catches her keen eye.  A very tall and muscular Dragon born that she saved about a year ago.  The Dragon born which she can’t seem to recall his name, doesn’t notice Adrie just yet, and she makes her move toward him.  As she approaches, she senses his discomfort of the situation, looking much like he did all that time ago.

“Don’t I know you?”  Adrie asks tentatively.

The Dragon born responds ” I am not sure you do.”

“I believe I am the reason your still alive, if I am not mistaken” she quips.

The Dragon born again says ” I think you may be confused.”

A sudden flash happens to Adrie as if spoken from the heavens and she remembers “Kratos,  you’re Kratos are you not?”

The Dragon born “I am, How do you know me?”

“Like I said I am the reason your alive, I saved you about a year ago.”

Kratos looks intently at Adrie and realizes that he does in fact remember her but out of sheer embarrassment he was denying the fact.  “I remember you Adrie, and I must thank you for all that you did for me that day. If not for you I would have died there with my intestines hanging to the ground. A complete dishonor to my clan.”

“It was no big deal in fact I didn’t think it was gonna work, I am not a very skilled Cleric yet but with the grace of my god and a little luck viola.”

“Regardless of the outcome I thank you.”

“Your welcome,” says Adrie.  “So what brings you to Waterdeep?”

Kratos answers ” I served a caravan as a bodyguard, in return they brought me here. How about your self?”

“I sailed here from Luskan, reading many books and recording my journey.” Adrie responds. Kratos nods.

After a brief period of catching up with one another’s journeys and tales, Adrie and Kratos get in line to what seems to be the busiest taverns they have ever seen.  Not only is it busy, it is also very quiet and clean.  As the party enters the bar the bartender and owner greet them.  “Welcome come in, come in, take a seat.”  Adrie and Kratos look around they notice there are not many seating options as the bar is completely full.  They happen to catch a glimpse of a burly dwarf and cloaked figure sitting at a table with what seems to be the only two chairs left in the place.

“Come on now take these seats here, I promise we don’t bite.”  the dwarf lets out with a loud cackle followed by an even louder laugh.  The cloaked figure just shakes his head and continues facing what seems to be a stage set up for a performance which is about to begin.  Adrie and Kratos take their new found seats next to two new friends.  “Ladies and Gentlemen……and others, prepare yourselves to be immersed in a world of harmony and peace. Prepare for Lisandra’s Song.”

Lisandra takes the stage, and what was a quiet bar turns into a frenzy of roars, cheers and whistles.  Lisandra simply smiles, and begins to sing.  As her voice carries, the audience becomes deathly silent.  Adrie and Kratos notice that Lisandra is quite possibly the most beautiful woman they have ever seen.  As she continues to sing,  the audience begins to enter a lull, and start to bob their heads back and forth.  Adrie and Kratos start to nod off as well while their new friends already seem asleep.  Adrie catches a cloaked figure out the corner of her eye, she notices the figure is moving toward the stage ever so gracefully and doesn’t seem bothered by the song at all.  She catches a glimpse of what she can only guess is a weapon and she tries to take a closer look. But soon after, Adrie looses all control of her ever heavy lids, and gives into the song.

A short while later, or at least what they can assume is a short time, Adrie and Kratos shake off the grogginess of the song and see a puddle of blood on the stage where Lisandra had once stood. Tdhe dwarf and cloaked figure are investigating the blood.  The human figure in the cloak seems to be sniffing and rubbing the blood between his fingers. Everyone in the bar is angry and yelling, trying to figure out what happened to Lisandra, when from behind the bar a yell surfaces. “THEY DID THIS! They are responsible for my sweet Lisandra’s death” the bartender and owner Carric screams.  He is a very slender and beautiful elf. He saunters over to the Cleric and Dragon born pointing his finger and proclaiming that they are guilty of killing Lisandra.

While this is going on a city guard opens the door and yells across the room ” Did somebody say death?”

“Yes, these mongrels have killed my precious Lisandra,” Carric proclaims.

“We most certainly did not kill anyone and how do you know she was killed?”  Kratos answer.

“We are not mongrels!”  Adrie interjects.

After much deliberation Adrie and Kratos explain to the city guard what happened and the guard nods his head and says “I don’t feel like doing all this work, a sore wrist and an ink well does a man no good,” as he leaves.

Carric finally calmed down enough for the two adventurers to talk to him in a calm manner. After awhile, the party learns that Carric had purchased Lisandra from a slave trader in Baldur’s Gate but he can’t recall the name of the trader.  He also asks them to find his beloved Lisandra.  Adrie and Kratos both agree as well as the dwarf who introduces himself as Ulfric and the human who is known as Max (according to the dwarf.)

As the party starts their investigation on the stage, they notice a very particular trap door in the stage. Trap doors are not usually strange, in this case though, the trap door is a whole new feature to Carric.  ” I built this place from the ground up, and I never put a trap door in that stage.”

As Kratos begins to pull up the trap door, Ulfric says ” What are ye’ doin there big guy? You can’t pull that door up, ye got to find the blasted switch.”  Kratos ignores the dwarf and begins to pull on the trap door. At about the same time the somewhat inebriated dwarf happens to notice a floorboard that looks a little off and he smashes his foot into it.  Kratos enjoys a nice fall and hears the laughter and voice of the dwarf ” I told ye’ have to find the switch.” Kratos lets out a sigh.

As Adrie, Ulfric, and Max come to the edge they all notice a huge tunnel down the side of the new found chamber.  Carric come up and looks down the hole, ” I have no idea what is going on here but that shouldn’t be here.”

Everyone nods in agreement.  “Were not gonna find anything up here.” proclaims Ulfric and jumps down followed by Max and Adrie.  When the party hits the ground they begin to search around noticing a puddle of blood at the bottom of the trap door.  “This is the nicest dug tunnel ye will ever see.”  says Ulfric  “Not even a dwarf could carve a tunnel this clean.”  Everyone begins to get that feeling of urgency when down the tunnel a loud footstep is heard followed by another and another.

As two burly men, one holding a torch, come around the corner, The party prepares for battle.  “What do we have here?” asks the thug holding the torch.  An arrow grazes his left shoulder and the man yells, “You have to do better than that.”  With that, Adrie charges forward to the other thug and lands her mace square in his chest.  The burly man has no retort.  Kratos charges the other man and cleaves his axe clean into him laying the man to one knee.

Laughter erupts from behind as Ulfric pulls his two trusty maces out and yells at Kratos “Nice hit big guy but let me show you how its done,” as he goes to the thug facing Adrie. Landing two hits in quick succession to the hip and face of the thug laying him low. Laughter again erupts.

Trying to figure out how to detain his new found prisoner with the intention of questioning him, Kratos asks “Adrie, can you help this man like you helped me, I wish to ask some information of him.”  Adrie moves closer to the man with the intent to heal him, but before she can finish her spell, a mysterious figure shows up.

To be continued…