Game Night with Geeks Presents: Dungeons and Dragons – The Forgotten Prince Episode 2

Originally posted 2015-07-07 16:35:57.

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The last time the adventurers left us they had met a mysterious dragon known as Eldrazzi, who employed them in his cause of uniting the chromatic dragons.  He told of an epic tale about his father and mother trying to do this many years ago and falling in battle to a great red dragon named Kissik.  The party was offered a “job” by Eldrazzi and with this job came some very powerful tools.  A Flametounge Greatsword that Kratos took as his own and a very ornate shield that Adrie took as hers.  With these new pieces of equipment and a new found friend, the party went to rest.

As the party awoke from their long rest, they were greeted by Eldrazzi with a great feast and their first opportunity.  Eldrazzi explained the first part of his plan and that he would need the Horn of Voaraghamanthar, an ancient black dragon also known as The Black Death.  He explained that a half dragon by the name of Kevlath is protecting it in The Serpent Hills.  Eldrazzi asked the party to obtain this horn and said they would be immune to the likes of Voaraghamanthar.  After a short discussion, Kratos is pulled to the side by Eldrazzi, who explains to Kratos that he has spoken to Tempus and has something to offer Kratos.  He tells Kratos of an ancient totem that Dragonborn Barbarians used back in his time called the Totem of Dragons.  Eldrazzi offers it to Kratos and waits for his answer.  Kratos accepts, and gains a whole new physical look.

Eldrazzi explains his plan for the party to get to The Serpent Hills. They will guard a caravan heading toward Daggerford.  The party accepts the mission and heads out to the caravan.  As they come to the caravan they are greeted by the driver who explains that bandits have been causing a bunch of trouble on the road.  The party departs Waterdeep and heads south toward Daggerford.  On the way they are ambushed by a group of bandits and their captains.  After much distress and a hardy dwarfs maces, the party was able to defeat the bandits with relative ease and make there way to Daggerford.

Thanks for joining us this week for The Forgotten Prince episode two.  Tune in next week for the parties next adventure is trying to retrieve the Horn of Voraghamanthar.

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