Fiction Writing Friday: Sacred Books

Originally posted 2016-09-16 08:00:02.

Who decides if something is sacred? Am I really to believe a bunch of old guys sitting around in Rome got to decide what millions of people now believe, and that their initial beliefs survived more old guys modifying the word to make it fit society? Who am I to say one book is more sacred than another? That one message outshines a second, or a third.

Who even said that the sacred book had to be the bible? What of the other sacred texts of religions around the world? The songs and stories sang and heard long before, and long after, Jesus walked the Earth.

To some, sacred can be the works of William Shakespeare. A master of the play and sonnet. People who hold his works in a higher echelon than Homer and Plato. Then of course there are those who deplore it with accusations of morality and plagiarism.

Some hold the law above all else. The constitution is the law of the land, the cornerstone of the country. It is the rock upon which all the greats of history have stood and fought for the rights of all men. The historical words of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. are sacred to this nation and the people therein. Yet some believe that it’s built on lies and people are still standing and fighting for equality 200+ years later.

Some find sacred words in songs, in the lyrics of a metal band’s scream or Sinatra’s croon. In the rapper who speaks the truth or the country man singing the blues. A rock concert can be life changing to one while the traditional hymns in a church may sooth the soul of another.  

Sacred can be in  the candid words of a poignant satirist. The comedian’s prophesy of a future now lived. In talk shows of day and night trusted over the talking heads of the media, overrun with propaganda and agendas.

Sacred can be in stories passed down from generations. Family tales of rebellion, valor, and stupidity. Stories older than anyone remembers, but no one forgets. Stories that grow the roots of the family, the foundation of culture in which we experience the world. Stories of myth and legend that live on, though the origin has been lost.

Sacred can be a worn journal that has seen a war, a sketchbook through which an artist creates their world, a guitar that’s been strummed around the campfire and chapel.

Sacred celebrates the deities of civilization and lore. Based in culture and teeming with the diversity of life.

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