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So I just binged the entire season in one go.

What are my thoughts? (without the spoilers) My top 10 (as it is DekaSteps):

#1 – Max steals the show. Every scene he’s in, that kid is perfection. Adorable, charismatic, and able to deadpan his lines. Pretty fantastic for a kid who is under 10 years of age. Elias Harger is definitely someone to keep your eye on. He’s not a kid who is going to be a whiney “oh my stars, why did they cast this kid!?” kind of child star.
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#2 Jodie Sweetin is superb. I’ve always loved ‘Stephanie Tanner’, and I appreciate that they didn’t make her a secondary character in this run of the show.

#3 I love the references to Michelle that they toss in there, and even a bold hilarious moment that gives them both (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen) a shout-out at the same time. Very nice way of kind of saying “sucks that you weren’t here, but no hard feelings girls”. It would be hard to figure out which one would show up anyway, considering Michelle is only ONE human…

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#4 The flashbacks are very well used, and minimal. I always worry when going into a reunion show that it’s only going to be “oh remember when we did” before cutting away to an old clip. Sporadic and well placed. Using commentary to parallel the current situation with a “when I was young” is a nice way of incorporating and paying homage to the show.

#5 Comet’s memory lives on. That’s all I’m gonna say (and yes, the sappypixie is tearing up again at the way they did that. GOOD JOB).

#6 They made Kimmy finally garner a bit of respect. I loved her, as she was always my second favourite character (after Stephanie) – she was unique, weird, and wasn’t afraid to ever be different. If you know anything about me at all, it’s that the Luna Lovegoods and Neville Longbottoms and Kimmy Gibblers always get my respect. I’m delighted how they gave her a classy bit of style, but kept her character’s integrity.

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#7 The parental relationships are updated with the times, but they are poignant and fitting and felt as real as a show can give.

#8 The guest appearances are nicely tucked into the show, and aren’t dominating the episodes. I’m glad that there are specific references to real life things (like You Oughta Know) and others, but if I say them, they’ll spoil the surprise. I will not hear Stephanie shout “How RUDE!” at me, so I’m hushed about them.

#9 Negatives: well, I have three that I will comment on. There are other minor things, but I’m trying to keep this positive:

9.a) I realise they want to have a more global demographic, but they really could have chosen someone from the specific demographic … there’s a part that feels forced and contrived and a bit rude to an entire culture by the casting…

9.b) I’m going to be completely honest: I did not ever like Steve, so… yeah.

9.c) There were a few scenes that the older characters broke and unintentionally smashed through the 4th wall (not including the very intentional one that everyone did together) – but they finally get into their groove by the end of the first episode, and things are better.

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#10 I really hope that the audience numbers turn out and show how loved this series was. This was always a guilty pleasure kind of show for me; being older when it first came out, no teenager wants to admit they liked something so wholesome or possibly pun-laden, corny, or even a bit silly at times. But to be completely honest, it was like I got to go visit some friends I hadn’t realised I missed so dearly. I’ve never had a family connection like that, and always wished for someone to tuck me in at night, or make sure I did my homework. It was great to walk back through that front door and sit on that couch and hear Uncle Jesse say “Have mercy!” before Joey pipes up with “Cut it out”. You got it, dude.

Come back soon, Fullers. Please. I miss you already. We need to watch Max grow up with his brothers.

GO. BINGE. DO IT. Enjoy.

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