Flourless Brownies

Originally posted 2016-06-16 12:00:55.

This showed up on Pinterest the other day, I pinned it, my friend pinned it, and it’s been shared by all my friends on Facebook ever since lol Comments include how totally amazing they were, my friend took them to work and shared them with everyone and then they all asked for the recipe! I will be trying them after we move (this weekend) but the comments on my wall are all positive, even people who hate chic peas (like me!)

Recipe can be found here! ¬†While I am not a fan of the Beach Body system, there isn’t anything in these muffins that I can disagree with (except maybe chic peas lol) The recipe is sweetened with maple syrup and some dark chocolate chips! Delicious! I can’t wait to make them, while my friends are making them almost daily for their kids at this point haha


Beachbody-Blog-Flourless-Chocolate-Muffin_iivlhtPhoto from the Blog