First 10 Things About The Ocean

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Making memories out in the ocean isn’t too difficult, but you’re going to want to keep a few things in mind:

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  • Respect the ocean.
    • There is life that is MUCH larger than you.
      • Don’t think because you cannot see it, that it cannot see you.
    • The rule I was taught first was “if it’s extremely beautiful, or ghastly and ugly, or anything in between, chances are, you don’t know how to properly handle it in the water, so don’t try”.
      • Treat this place like you would treat the home of the person you care and respect the most – don’t leave a mess.
      • There are no maids* under the sea, and Triton won’t like you leaving garbage in his front yard.
    • This also means breathing.
      • YOU have to keep breathing.
        • Do not hold your breath, especially if you are going to be scuba diving, as this will not bode well.
      • Your lungs will fill with gas and it will be potentially life threatening.
        • In and out. In and out. Keep that up.
Screenshot 2016-05-22 21.23.22

Turtle catching a bit of fresh air

  • Be patient with yourself.
    • You don’t have to understand how to be a fish instantly.
    • We’re not as fun as the gill-breathers and underwater perma-dwellers, so we have to cut ourselves a bit of slack!
Screenshot 2016-05-22 21.33.18

Nurse Shark

  • Don’t purposely, annoyingly, or selfishly disturb ‘the locals’.
    • I’m going to guess that you aren’t going into the ocean for the first time in order to catch dinner, so a good rule of thumb is, don’t touch.
    • You might get spines in your thumb.
    • Or have it bitten.
    • Or worse.
    • Keep your thumbs and the rest of yourself to yourself.
    • You have your own personal space, the fishes, coral, sea life has its own space.
Screenshot 2016-05-22 21.38.05

Stone Fish

  • Don’t drink the water if you’re thirsty.
    • We know so little about the ocean’s water, that scientists even now are discovering new bacteria that don’t exist in any other area of the planet.
    • We don’t know what it all does, or what it all can do, but we do know that drinking salt water can dehydrate you quickly, give you a host of possible intestinal issues if consumed in large quantities, and have you enjoying the fine porcelain of your bathroom for at least the following day.
    • Wait until you’re back on land, and always pack at least one bottle of water.
freeze water 1/2 way in bottles to create ice packs you can drink from while you're at the beach!!

Freeze water 1/2 way in bottles to create ice packs you can drink from while you’re at the beach!! Fill them with cold water just before you leave your home, and you’ll enjoy cold water the whole time you’re out!

  • If you are close to one, and can go to one, go do it now.
    • Fine, I guess if you have to work *(guilt guilt guilt)*, you can wait until AFTER work…
    • I find the best time to jump in the drink is early morning if possible, because so few people are there and even at a lake, you’re going to see the early morning fish traffic!
Screenshot 2016-05-22 21.19.30


  • Enjoy yourself.
    • Don’t balance your cheque book.
    • Don’t plan the night’s meal.
    • Don’t do anything other than just swim.
      • Enjoy the fish, and the feel of the water on your body, and the way it makes you feel like you can fly in the most incredibly thick viscous liquid possible, and… just get in the water!!!!
Screenshot 2016-05-22 21.45.18

adult Blue Tang with anemone

  • Buddy system
    • Try not to go alone, because there are things (including boats and fish and giant leviathan sea monsters and Krakens and Cthulhu and… okay, maybe not the giant leviathans) that are in the water that can change your time from pleasant to painful instantly.
      • One example: sea urchin spines are horrifyingly painful, from what the boy tells.
        • DO NOT PEE ON THESE!!! (We will deal with this conversation again, trust me.)
    • Having someone to go with, helps you keep an eye on weather, and potential hazards you might not see, or even just enjoying the scenery with someone else, because you can share that experience with them.
these sadly are not any puppies I know, but they are adorable!

these sadly are not any puppies I know, but they are adorable!

  • Rinse equipment, swim gear, accessories, suits, etc. thoroughly.
    • The sunlight, and the sea water (the salt and the bacteria) will start to break down the fibres of clothing and garments and weaken the structural integrity of masks, snorkels, fins, etc.
      • Keeping these properly cleaned after each use will prolong their inanimate lives, and will save you loads of money in the long run, as you’re not forking out hundreds or thousands of dollars per year on new equipment because of simply being lazy.
Screenshot 2016-05-22 21.10.23

of course my set is blue!

  • Shower.
    • Soap and water.
      • Be thorough.
        • Seriously, do this.
        • You don’t want to visit a doctor because of something you could have just washed off but has now caused an itch and that caused a rash and that has spread and now… just go get in the shower.

Screenshot 2016-05-22 21.51.30

  • Go as often as you can.
    • Love the ocean.
    • Give it your time, your happy, and your patience.

Screenshot 2016-05-22 21.13.54

Enjoy the fish and flora and fauna and delightful fun other creatures you’ll see there.

*Mermaids have yet to be confirmed by my eyes, and at the time of this writing, I cannot verify the validity of such claims that Triton’s family is currently residing in the North Atlantic Ocean near Nevis & St Kitts. I will of course update you if this changes.

Disclaimer: The fish pics I used in this article aren’t mine – yet – but the other pics of the ocean and shore are from my cameras. Google “labeled reuse with modification” are the ones I used.
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