Fiction Writing Friday: True Love

Originally posted 2016-07-29 18:28:12.

It’s not everyday you meet your soul mate. But on that fated day, there are supposed to be hearts in the air and birds singing. It’s supposed to be the best and most amazing day of your life… if you’re perceptive enough to recognize it… and then what?

How long does it take for true love to really spark? Is it when the lovers see each other for the first time? Is it with the first conversation? The first kiss? Isn’t a good love story one where they don’t hook up until the very end?  That always bothered me because the kiss is only the beginning. Happily ever after only happens when the lovers realize the gift fate

But then what happens the next day? What happens when Cinderella wakes up in a strange castle next to her Prince? When Belle realizes she has to face the man who was once a beast? When Rapunzel finally is reunited with her love and her tears heal his eyes? What then?

It is my opinion that love can be seen at first sight. I believe that you can meet someone and be drawn to them. These can be people who care for you, invite you out, trust you and earn your trust, respect you and earn your respect…but that’s not necessarily true love. I’m sure you could think of your friends and name three of the same or opposite gender that you could date, or ‘settle’ with despite that one freakishly annoying habit… They may be your family, but they’re not your true love and you both realize you cannot be.

True love is found in tears, in an embrace, in laughter, in running barefoot through the woods and healing each other’s poison ivy. It’s long nights of staying up way past bedtime to finish a movie, a kiss, a song. It’s days under the sun, curled up in a blanket watching a thunderstorm, heating up hot cocoa after shoveling snow. It’s finding someone who will stand strong for you when you are broken, fight at your side when it is time for battle, and celebrate your victories as you celebrate theirs.

True love may not always be patient, but it is persistent. True love may not always be selfless, but it is caring. It may not always be kind, but it is compassionate. True love may not always be cautious, but it is safe. Above everything else, True Love is never being truly alone.

True love is not weathering the storm, it’s facing the rain and screaming in defiance at the darkness of night. It’s standing strong despite the whipping wind and hatred that would tear it apart. In the darkness before dawn, true love heralds the coming sun.

I’d like to believe the princesses of lore found their true love in a night or three, but for us normal humans it can take a lifetime.

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