Fiction Writing Friday – The Joker and the Queen

Originally posted 2016-04-01 12:00:38.

The laughter is contagious

Fluttering all around

But who would have thought

She would cause that sound


As the giggling continues

Her smile never fades

She saunters slowly down the aisle

While watching tears cascade


The queen’s crown lay in front of her

It was almost in her reach

This trick was one made of gold

A lesson she did teach


For years the bully left her mark

Using her queenly touch

Berating all those around her

Her status was her crutch


But what happens when you go too far?

What do you unleash?

The joker she made a plan

Her rage she must release


The queen walks in and sees the joker

Sitting on her throne

The crown spinning on her fingers

An action she wouldn’t condone


“Give it back!” the queen shouts

“Or you pay the price.”

“Perhaps, dear sister,” the joker sings

“You should have learned to be nice.”


The guards are now all sleeping

And the laughter is complete

Her final trick is almost over

The joker has the queen beat


“Pawn takes Queen” the joker shouts

And the bullet finds it mark

“Sister” the queen whispers

As she drifts into the dark


The joker looks upon her sister

Regaling in the feat

She places the crown on her head

For now she would take the seat


The joker smiles one last time

Breathing in her win

For finally she had her revenge

On her only twin

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