Fiction Writing Friday: The Duel

Originally posted 2016-04-15 12:00:38.

***Elfueygo and I decided to take a stab at writing a story together. Well lets just be clear and say that Elf started it and I was whole confused when I received the text message. However, I caught on quickly and we began to create a story one sentence at a time. Below is an edited version of what we came up with. Mind you there are a few times when we went over our one sentence minimum but as a whole we felt this ended very well. For fun, I have colored each sentence with who came up with it. Elf is green and I am purple. Misty even liked it so much that she created artwork for it, as you can see above! <3 Enjoy our fun take on the theme Planet.***


The moon was out, shining a golden light. A whispered breeze danced in the air as the cold nipped at Jack’s face. He wondered why the cold touched him so, seeping deep into this bones as the chill struck him.  As the convulsion took over his body, he remembered a dark past. Memories flooded his vision almost as if he was put under a spell, her spell. Jack shook his head trying to clear the fog as the witch approached.

She smiled, pulled aside the mask and spoke in a low but soft voice, “I have come for you Jack Frost.”

The memories became clear and Jack rose in defiance, “not this time Lady Spring!”

“You have been harassing this planet for far too long Jack, they are begging me to send you back where you belong,” she hissed as vines grew from the ground and shot towards him.

A wall of ice rose from Jack’s feet, denying the vines purchase,”let them beg, they are just peons that stand at our feet.” 

“You are a fool Jack! You will never be able to defeat us. You must end this winter!” a tree from behind Jack reached out with his branches to grab him.

Jack slid gracefully out of reach of the tree, leaving a trail of ice as he moved, “look around you, without me, these abomination will destroy this planet!” 

“That is not our problem. The Giants cannot be defeated. This world has come to an end. You need to release it from status!”

“What does Summer say about all this? This is his doing after all.” Jack relaxed from his slide and pointed a single finger at Lady Spring.

“Mother Nature and Father Time have already caught and jailed him for his crimes. What you are doing is torture. These creatures of this planet need to move on.”

“Ha! Jailed him you say? A joke! There has to be a Summer. What kind of punishment is that?” Jack released a sickle of ice directly at Lady Spring’s right shoulder.

Laughter erupted as Spring changed from her own body to flower petals right as the sickle struck her. She appeared behind Jack, “you know it is all temporary. We will find a new Summer and then we will execute him like we will do with you. This is your final warning Jack. Come with me now or die here.”

Jack let out a soft sigh, “I wonder if all the Frosts before me remember what the embrace of warmth feels like?” His eyes flared with a sapphire blue and in a final act he faded away. The air became chill and a gentle snow fell.

The Lady of Spring closed her eyes and called to the sun, warming the planet to its rightful temperature and awakening the monsters.

A whispered breeze danced in the air. The nightmare had only just begun. 



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