Fiction Writing Friday: Shadows of the Future

Originally posted 2016-02-26 17:00:22.

The brothers were large, even for their breed: Titanoceratops. These brothers hatched as twins from the same egg, 66.3 million years ago. However, even though they were twins, they were no identical. This was the case for the first born males of all those born into the lineage of Empress Sumara Highshield. Of course the Empress had perished more than a million years previous to the birth of the brothers, but they knew her voice before even that of their natural parents. The sweet, and husky, voice of the Empress cooed into the twins ears. “You, my children, have been chosen and blessed by the Emperors and Empresses of old, to fight back the Great Tendril of Shadows that wishes to overtake this world before the mammals rise. You have been…fated…to this, and I know that you have it within your hearts to uphold this task, and once complete,” She trailed off “ you will receive payment worthy of any Emperor. You shall spread your seed to the remaining female herds, and you will live on in both memory and fatherdom.

The soon to be hatchlings warmed to this and squirmed within the confines of their egg, causing a crack to form and a small rush of air to help clear their lungs.

Sumara looked down at the hatchlings, and smiled a toothy grin. It was far more predatory than it should have been for one of her breed, as a natural vegetarian a three horn should have lacked flesh ripping teeth, but her mouth virtually bristled with them. Regardless of outward appearance though, there was no ill intent to be found. “To you, little one,” The spirit that seemed to be everywhere and nowhere all at once intoned as her gleaming ethereal horn gently graced the face of the smaller of the twins. “, I bless you with my gifts of foresight, healing, and control of the natural world. Humans will one day write of you as Enki, the bringer of life and freshwater to help the masses. This will include the manipulation of all aspects of the world around you. For now though, I shall name you Ziggurat. A place, or in you case, a bastion of power and knowledge.” She nuzzled the hatchling gently and the he slipped free of his egg. The little brown tiger striped ceratopsian chirped as the hot suns light washed over him.

From behind him Ziggurat heard a weak chirp, and watched as his twin struggled to free himself of his egg. His brother was larger than him, by perhaps a size and a half, and it appeared he was running out of energy quickly. By the time Ziggurat managed, on his new-born wobbly legs, his brother had stopped moving, and breathing all together.

Ziggurat sniffed the still form and let out a sad chirup as he nuzzled against his brother beak. The Empress behind him smiled. And it was then that Ziggurats eyes burned with a soft white light that seemed to wash over the still from of his brother, beak to tail. The white light faded slowly and Ziggurat could see clearly that the remnants of the recently hatched egged were sucked dry and had crumbled into a heap.

The soft voice of the Empress interjected again, addressing both brothers. “Arise Juggernaut, in the coming times the humans will need you too. They shall name you “Pap-nigin-gara.” At this assault on his ears, Juggernaut snapped his beak audibly and wrinkled his nose. The Empress began to laugh out loud, deep from her barrel-chest, at this reaction, and it was a moment before she regained her composure. “In there soft tongue it mean “The Lord of the Boundary Stone, your brother, and the god of war. I promise to you glorious battles unending….” The Empress paused and seemed to look of into the distance. “Yes children, they smell the fresh hatch, the predators are on their way and you must bring your brother to safety. You and your brother are far more important than to find yourselves snacks to the meandering Dromaesaur.” With that warning Ziggurat gently prodded his brothers side and began to head into the thickest of the underbrush. The Empress assured them that they would find safety in a deep cave where Ankylosaurus mates were raising their most recent brood.

“Juggernaut” The Empress whispered into his spirit, “you are a bastion of defense for your brother and all those weaker than yourself, and once you are mature, nearly everything will in fact, be weaker Already your blessings are taking hold. Your horns are sprouting, bone plates will soon grow from your back, and you shall even wield spiked tail of the ancient Stegosaur Lord himself. This will all hurt greatly, but your brother shall relieve the pain. You are here for one another now, use that advantage to it’s greatest.

The little hatchlings finally found the way to the Ankylosaur den. The elders only motioned to their sleeping pile of babies, then meandered toward the smallish tunnel opening and lay down. This firmly blocked both ingress and egress.

With little thought the brothers curled up with the enclosure hatchlings and just before darkness of sleep overtook the pair, a voice cooed into the twins mind. “You have been born into a time of plenty, we assured that….you will have your time to grow and develop before the end is here. Rest now, and get acquainted to the world around you once you wake. You shall have some time free of me now, but I am only a whisper aware if needed.” The voice stopped, and the brothers were already asleep.