Fiction Writing Friday Podcast: Danger Star – Space Repo

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Danger Star – Space Repo

Blurb / Short Summary:

The year is 2205, earth year to date, and Danger Star is now a part of a service that is always in need of good people – repo work. There’s a car with a lot of back payment that needs to be returned but the owner may think they are after something more dear to him, his freedom. Danger and his two trainers, Bonnie and Cliff, must get the car or face not getting commissions that week.

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The Script: 



Danger (heroically and with purpose)

Space, an infinite source of riches and power just waiting to be grabbed. The year is 2205, earth year to date, and I’ve set out to look for my fame and glory as any other with the stars bright in their eye. My name is Danger Star-


Clerk (interrupts)

It says here your name is Melvin



What? I told them to list me as my nickname



Sorry kid, looks like you’re listed as Melvin in the computer



Can you change it?



Sure, but it might take a day.

(Clicking on a keyboard)

Ok, your trainers are Bonnie and Cliff. You can meet them over in the lobby. Hurry, they’re passing out the jobs


(running footsteps)

DANGER runs down the hallway


Danger (Sounding a little out of breath)

Hurrying as fast as I could, I sped down the hall and into the main lobby area. There I could finally meet my new trainers. My new job is paid mercenary work out to acquire items for powerful corporations and businessmen from those who don’t wish to part with them so easily-


Cliff (waiting patiently, slightly irritated)

Do you often talk to yourself kid?


Bonnie (amused at my job description)

Don’t flatter yourself, you’re just a repo man like the rest of us. You must be our new trainee



Yes, my name is Danger Star-


Cliff (interrupts)

Says your name’s Melvin…


Danger (mentally thrown off balance from interruption)

Er, that’s a glitch in the system. Not sure how, but it’s getting fixed. I assure you. You two must be Bonnie and Cliff, the two famed to have repo’ed an entire planet once?


Bonnie (proudly)

That’d be us



Well, it was more me than Bonnie here


Bonnie (challengly)

Ah! Don’t think I’ll let your hog all the credit, dearie. You’d have never done it without me there.


We’re a regular duo, like the famed Bonnie and Clyde


Danger (confused)



Cliff (annoyed)

What do they teach you in school these days?


The BOSS speaks up to the whole room


Boss (speaks outwardly to room)

Listen up, crew. Here’s the list of repos we have today. A XZ90 Personal Star Explorer, an Orxo Freighter, a Sandovloxion and a signed Corbo ball.



(bug language gibberish)



Hey hey hey, I told you Steve, I don’t understand that. What did he say?



He ssaid we’ll take the ffreighter job



Good, that’s been sitting a while. Bonnie?


Bonnie (annoyed)

Blast! I was hoping to get the freighter next week



You know the rules


Cliff (speaks outwardly)

We’ll get the XZ90. Ought to ease the kid in the new job


Scene change:




Danger (heroically and with purpose)

The mighty repo workers set out in the name of justice, to right the wrong of overdue car payments and to return property. They’ve set out to collect the XZ90 Personal Star Explorer, but ran into their first hurdle, fuel and directions…



Hey kid, when you’re done with talking to yourself, see if you can find some better directions to this neighborhood


Danger (chirpy)

Sure thing, Cliff




Dee (gets louder as DANGER gets closer)

heh heh, yeah, whatever dude. She wouldn’t do that-


Danger (interrupts)

Excuse me sirs, could you give me some quick directions to this street?


(noise of papers being shuffled)



Sure bro, it’s just up that way a few blocks and turn right



Thanks, fellas.


Dum (amazed)

Woah, dude, nice ride and outfit there. Like, what are you suppose to be?


Danger (surprised then cocky)

Us? Oh! We are who you call to bring justice, when you need something done. If there’s a target that needs to be brought back, you call us!



Cool bro, like, you bounty hunters or something?



Bounty Hunters? Pfft, they wouldn’t do our job, we put them to shame!



Cool, so you’re like super bounty hunters?


Danger (slightly confused)

Sure, I guess-


Dee and Dum




Cool bro. Who you after



Oh, uh, we’re looking for this fella here


(shows a picture)


Dee (a bit alarmed)

Uhhooh… cool, dude. Well, uh good luck catching your man


Dum (rushed)

Yeah bro. Later


(quickly walks away)


Dee (panicked)

Dude, they’re after Matt, man. We have to go warn him


Dum (panicked)

Yeah, bro, let’s hurry


(screeching tires)




Dee (loud and panicked)

Yo Matt! Dude, you got some super bounty hunters out looking for ya. You need to haul it and get out of here


Matt (calm)

Nah man, that can’t be right, I only slept with her. You must’ve heard something wrong


Dum (panicked)

No bro, I was there too. Some guy said he was looking for you, showed us a picture of you in your car and everything


Matt (panicking now)

Crap man. What do I do?



You need to get the heck out of here dude. Where’d you park?



Out front by the curb, next to that stupid hydrant



Hurry bro, we need to get you out of here


(running noises)



Crap! They’re already by your car dude. Looks like they’re trying to anchor it down to theirs so you can’t get away



Bro, let’s just scare them off? Like, shoot at the cars and stuff



Dude, won’t they shoot back?



Nah bro, they need Matt alive for the bounty



Man, what if they like run up and try and knock us out in the face? I can’t have a scar there



They’re not monsters, bro


(shooting occurs)


Bonnie (alarmed and yelling)

What the blast? Quick, behind the car


(running steps)


Cliff (loudly)

Why are they shooting at us?!


Danger (loudly)

Those looked like the fellas I got directions from. They must have warned the owner



So why the blast are they shooting. What’d you tell them



I don’t know, I just asked for directions!



Dammit Kid! Cliff, why didn’t you update the GPS?



I don’t think now’s a good time to get into an argument. Got any ideas





Hey Boneheads! Stop Shooting!


Matt (loudly)

Holdup man, I think they’re trying to say something


(shooting stops)


Dee (yells back)

You ain’t taking Matt in, dudes!



Hey idiots! I don’t know who you think we are, but we’re just repoing the car. It’s three months behind payments!


Matt (yells)

Nah man. Chelsie said she was paying for it


Dum (pleasantly surprised)

Oh, who’s Chelsie, bro?


Matt (excited)

Oh man, I gotta show you Chelsie. She’s hot and rich, and can do this thing-


Cliff (annoyed and yelling)

Can you guys talk about this later? We’re kind of in the middle of something here!



Oh, right man.

(yells back)

Yeah, she should be paying for it


Bonnie (yells)

Says here the payments stopped and Chelsie is the one who told us where to find it


Dum (speaks low to MATT)

Bro, let them take it. The car’s like all busted up now anyways.


Dee (speaks low to MATT)

Yeah dude, and that should like mean you don’t have to worry about those traffic tickets anymore


Matt (responds low)

Cool, man.


Sure! Take the car, man! All yours now!


Scene change:




Danger (heroically and with purpose)

Justice has been served, our target has been returned and the day was a complete success


Bonnie (a little exhausted)

Kid, I wouldn’t call that a success. The damage will probably come out of your pay


Danger (justifying)

Yeah, but we got the car, didn’t we



I’m starting to think repo isn’t your thing, kid


Bonnie (encouragingly)

Nah dude, he’s just got like a long way to go…

(catches self talking like Dee and Dum)

Dammit, I’m starting to talk like those idiots!


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