Fiction Writing Friday: P.O.E.T. Document 2

Originally posted 2016-06-10 12:00:07.

Eyes Only

Location: Blacksite Designation: Star and Sickle

Date: 01/12/2016

Operators in Field:

Bogdan Afanasyev (AF-a-NI-see-OF)

Mission: Interrogation of Prisoner Designated A1648.

Below are the compiled notes taken in part from audio records, camera records, and the personal account of Bogdan Afanasyev, hereto after referred to by his call sign: Javel (Ya-evl)

Recording beings, 1/12/2016 at 8pm. Stenographer interpretations and descriptions added to confirm documents accuracy.

“I’m so glad that you have decided to join me today.” The words come from a tall black man as he watches Javel from across the table. “Mr. Alfred Diallo, it has been some time!” The black man smiles, his teeth are so white, and he has so many of them.

“It’s good to see you too Charles!”  Javel yells, continuing under the field name that had previously been provided to Charles (A1648). His American accent remaining in place, Javel continues. “Yanno, I was about to call you about my little mishap….”

Javel visibly flinches away from the other mans gaze. “About that mishap,” A1648 spits out the sentence. “That LITTLE mishap cost me $225,000 fucking dollars..Nearly a quarter of a million fucking dollars! Are you fucking insane?  A box truck, loaded and armored, was fucking stolen from our boss by some spic wanna be gang members in Albany, and all you say is that it was a little fucking mishap?”

“Well to be fair, the driver and guard had been on the road 16 hours, skirting the cops and check sta..” Javel got no further as Charles swung an open hand slap at his face. Upon contact searing pain exploded in Javels face, his grimace visible of the closed circuit footage. Blood begins to ooze through four scalpel thin wounds. At least one tooth was even knocked loose. Javel reeled and tried to remain seated despite his vision swimming around him. (note: the strike was harder and faster than expected. Worse than last time) “C’mon man. Lay off the face, I just got fixed up from the last…uuummph!” A second blow, faster than the first, slammed into Javels diaphragm.

“I don’t really give a flying fuck what was fixed from the last time. The LAST time was the ONLY time you were going to be given a second chance.” A1648 stepped forward and shoved Javel off of the stool and to the ground. (Again, faster and stronger. Just like the other Upyr. Physical Prowess Theories confirmed. Initiation of stage two begins now.)

“But..” Javel croaked through blood and saliva. “But the boss recruited me directly. Said…I was something special…”

A1648 snorted in derision. “You have supernatural kin. You aren’t special. Hell, you are a fledgling hunter at best. You’re fucking pathetic, even for a mortal. Do you even have a clue who you are dealing with? Do you even know who the boss is?”

“Of course I do,” Javel said, getting himself seated again. “Phillip. He recruited me into the Buffalo Sect as a guard against freaks.” A1648 quirked a brow. “You know you know, those fucking freaks from Pittsburgh. The bird, the cat, the wolf and the dragons.  Fucking dragons, man. I think Phillip would be PISSED if you replaced me.”

A laugh erupted from the vampires lips. “Phillip is a fuck wit. He isn’t even worth the shit on the sole of Jeremys’ shoe.” (Note, leader named Jeremy, Phillip simply a “cult/sect” leader for him?) A1648 continued on. “You, my friend, have failed for the last time.  You see, you managed to lose the good stuff…”

“Heroine? Coke?” Javel interjected his questions, keeping in character.

“Are you retarded, boy? We’re talking THE good stuff….” The vampire paused, seeming to mull something over in his head. “Listen, you are not long for this world, so I’ll fill you in on a secret. This stuff, the real good stuff, is called Bitter Black…and it is a hell of a drug.”  A1648 removed a preloaded syringe containing a viscous  fluid and a large gauge needle. Slowly he made his way to Javel, brandishing the needle against his arm, while pinning the said limb down with his own super human strength.

“No man, no, don’t do this to me man!” Javel screamed in apparent fear. “I’ve been clean for a decade!”

The Vampire smiled wickedly and brought his face close to the humans throat. “What is it like, hunter, to know that a freak has your life in his hands? To know that with a flick I can drive this needle into your arm and cause such a reaction that the Holy Light of the Heralds themselves with explode from inside you, causing you to be cast into oblivion?” (reaction to BB in Hunters noted. Likely this is not true for all hunters, maybe only those of particular persuasions or  interaction levels with other supernaturals?) “Or perhaps I drain you, and make you a freak before I hand you over to Jeremy. Maybe he has an experiment he would like to run on a former Hunter turned Vampire. Sounds interesting to me.” A1648 Smirked.

Javel was trembling now. “What if I don’t make it to him, man? You worked me over pretty well…I think something is bleeding, one the…. on the inside. You‘re goddamn strong yanno.”

“It’s a good point, son, it really is.  I can smell the blood. Did you know that? Your liver is ruptured, but you’ll make it.” A1648 spun the syringe in his finger tips, then plunged the needle into his own arm. He depressed the plunger and injected the full 1ml of fluid. There was no ecstasy, like a heroine addict experiences. No smiling jitters like that of a coke head. Instead, the vampires limbs expanded with popping sounds and twig like snaps. His claws tripled in size, and ichor oozed from the base of the nails themselves.  Even the famous canine teeth grew longer. (notes made of previous observations) The vampire twitched and smiled before he spoke. “You are going to get a head start. Get to the car, and drive fast fast fast. I’m gonna chase ya, and if I catch ya then I’ll eat ya up up up. But if you get to Jeremy first, well I’ll probably still eat ya eat ya eat ya, but not until his demonic ass (note Jeremy = demon?) gets done with you. Now scoot scoot scoot! One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three…”

“But where is Jeremy?!” Desperation and fear were thick in Javels voice, causing his words to come out like a deep croak.

The vampire quirked his head and Javel noticed that the vampires ears were now unmistakably bat like. “One of his safe houses, the former Coast Guard Depot on Presque…Four Mississippi, I hope you have gas gas gas.” He trailed off in a sibilant hiss. (There was never an issue with repetitive speech impediments or the like previously noted. Is this caused do to the imminent feed being present, or is this a side effect of the Bitter Black?

Javel ran from the house as quickly as he could, moments later A1648 was behind him. A1648 seemed blind with  the combination of  blood lust and Bitter Black. The Upyr was high, in his element, and never expected a wave of vertigo to hit him like a truck. Before he could catch himself the vampire tripped and tumbled to the ground. His senses somehow returned, and his bloodlust  forgotten as he gasped in pain for the first time in decades. As he regained his wits,A1648 could see that he  had fallen hard. Far harder than he had thought. Lines of worry creased the vampires forehead and he took in the sight of his shattered left shin. Trembling, the vampire spoke. “What…What the fuck happened? This ain’t right, what the fuck?” Pleading eyes sought assistance, though whomever would have actually helped the vampire was unknown. Panic, another unfamiliar feeling, rose in his chest.  A1648 tried to stand, and found himself assisted into a padded metal seat. He began to say his thanks, but then he heard the manacles clamp over his limbs. His shattered leg screamed in agony as the clasp was pressed harder still against the protruding bone, and then locked with a bolt.

A familiar voice called to him. “I’m so glad to see you made it, Charles.” It was Javel, known to Charles as Alfred, and he was imitating the way he had greated him moments ago. “Before we get to the nitty gritty of the situation, I must ask, can I drop this illusion of myself? I do not enjoy it.”  A1648 sat trembling, nearly in tears. Javel smiled, and all of his previously acquired injuries seemingly healed.  “It is like shrugging out of a skin, you know? Keep up a spell too long and it beings to….itch….” The voice was no longer that of Alfred, the cliché midwestern drawl all but forgotten.  This voice was hard, and thickly accented with a Russian dialect. “Do not be surprised, I have been at this for some time, longer than most other Mages thanks to the gifts of my deities Chernobog and Belobog.” Javel paused, pulled his bloodied shirt off, and threw it to the ground. His body was not that of an average man, rather it was crisscrossed with dozens of scars, and even more tattoos. Most of the ink seemed to be runes and the like, while others were clearly Russian verbiage. “Oh and so that we are on the same page, you may call me Javel, it is Russian for…”

“Devil.” A1648 whispered.

Javel smiled, and pointed out another tattoo. He raised an inquisitive brow to the vampire.

“Spetsnaz, Regiment Reaver. Team….Team World Fuckers.” The vampire croaked.

“During the cold war, our missions were very different,” Javel explained. “but now we humans, especially those of us gifted with magic, must protect one another. And thanks to you, I now know where the drop was headed. As you have assuredly realized, it is now in the custody of my agency. Also, I see what bitter black does to vampires, and hunters. The latter I am quite concerned about….. I even know where your bosses safe house is now. It is one of many I’m sure.” Javel paused. “ You even informed me of his name and species.  I should say that it surprises me, but it does not. However, I must thank you for all that information.”

The vampire sobbed now as fear and realization of his situation overwhelmed him. There was no way out of this, and even if there was, Jeremy would find him.

“No no, don’t cry. I want you to be aware of all the good you have done today. Perhaps it was enough to repent for your sins.” Javel paused, removing a previously unnoticed five pound sledgehammer from a belt loop on his right hip. “You see in my spheres of  magic I am able to bring pain to those that are naturally immune, such as yourself. And I believe that through the expression of pain, your sins will be released to the winds, and when you finally pass your soul will be pure again.” Javel flipped the hammer in his right hand and smiled. “Or I could be completely wrong, and what I am about to do to you will be nearly as terrible as the things you have done to the countless innocents that you have fed on over your time…either way, I am alright with it.”

The vampire began to shudder harder, as Javel shoved the hammer head into his mouth, shattering teeth with ease. Not only was the hammer blessed by Chernobog, but Javel was incredibly strong for a human.

“Chernobog does not like tears, so stop crying, truly it is not becoming of you. However I am sure that it is not entirely unavoidable, and when we are done, Beolbog will measure the weight of those tears against your sins and see if he can grant your soul freedom.” Javel smiled, and patted the vampires left cheek gently with a cupped right hand. “But I feel I must let you know, the more you cry, the more Chernobog will demand that I punish you. He will allow me to keep you alive and in agony until there are no more tears”  Javel smiled. “Now, let us try to have fun with this.”

With that the wails of pain began, and they would not end for many days.