Fiction Writing Friday: P.O.E.T – Document 1

Originally posted 2016-06-03 12:18:28.

***Note, we will be having a few authors that are taking aspects of our World of Darkness Game and writing it into government documents! We hope you enjoy this series and check out our WoD game on YouTube or via iTunes!***

Eyes Only

Location: Untied States Eastern Seaboard. 12 miles from New York coast, approx point of terminal detonation 15,000 – 16,500 feet.

Flight origin: John F. Kennedy Int’l Airport
Date: 20:31 EDT July 17, 1996; 00:31
Passengers: 212
Destination: Leonardo da Vinci Int’l Airport

Operators in Field:
Harpoon: Operating Base
Bastion: Primary A-10B2 Pilot
Wisp: Trainee Pilot

Harpoon (20:25:40): Bastion, you have traffic 12 o’clock, less than five miles. 747 ascending to one six thousand.

Bastion: (20:25:47): Copy. Bastion is radar contact tally-ho.

Harpoon:(20:25:50): Bastion, Roger.

**(The lead fighter jet pilot then tells the trainee recheck all gauges.)**

Bastion:(20:26:16): How many bogeys do we copy?

Wisp:(20:26:20): Two. No, four.

Bastion (20:27:21): I’m showing three, all descending.

Wisp:(20:28:32): Back to two on HUD. Errors ongoing throughout.

Bastion:(20:28:50): Fix this shit, Wisp. What are we looking at here.

Wisp:(20:29:01): Mile in trail closing, tally-ho 747.

Bastion:(20:29:03): Twenty five hundred feet back in the clouds still.

**(The trainee pilot then tells the lead pilot that the Navy controller wants him to switch radio frequencies, lead pilot declines.)**

Bastion:(20:29:05): Negative on tha… *transmission incomprehensible*

Harpoon:(20:29:09): Bastion, please repeat, could not verify.

Bastion:(20:29:12) What the fuck?! *unintelligible*..the plane, what is that? Oh God, the plane…no, no, no!

Harpoon:(20:29:15) : Come back Bastion, your vitals are AFU. Calm down and repeat.

**(Continued indecipherable screaming. Words fade in and out over the screams, and appear to be the pilot trainee. The A-10B2‘s main weapon can be heard revving up and subsequently firing over the microphone.)**

Harpoon:(20:29:21): Bastion what is going on up there, you have overshot the target…* the is a loud rush of static at this point, and Harpoon speaks again.* This is Brigadier General Versaw. What the fuck is happening up there Bastion?

Wisp:(20:29:27) : Sir, Bastion has blacked out. I am circling around for another for another pass. Requesting permission to engage.

Harpoon:(20:29:30) : A passenger aircraft that just sent a distress signal? What in the hell…

**(An exceptionally loud squelch of static interrupts the transmission)**

Unknown voice:(20:29:32) : BG, you have been joined to a single channel with my pilot. **The voice, previously unheard, is several octaves lower than any of the others.** My call sign is Harbinger. Confirm private connection.

Harpoon:(20:29:35) : Who in the sweet fuck do…

Harbinger:(20:29:37) : Do not interrupt me again BG, your pilot is already dead and I will make sure you lose your star after this if need be. You are a third party now. Sit and listen, or discon, I do not care. Reaver….are you there?

Reaver:(20:29:42) : Yessir

Harbinger:(20:29:44) : Status.

Reaver:(20:29:45) : Bogey engaged. Does not appear to be a Dino. I repeat not a Dino. Bogey appears to be a Beta Whiskey Simba.

Harbinger:(20:29:50) : Repeat and confirm.

Reaver:(20:29:53) : Bogey is a Beta Whiskey Simba. Confirm, Beta Whiskey Simba.

**(The jets primary weaponry can be heard firing again)**

Harbinger:(20:29:57) : Confirm damage to target and description.

Reaver:(20:30:11) : Minimal, prime rounds impact, but BWS regens too fast. Body is serpentine, four wings, and dozens of limbs. Three heads, and two are producing Bale Fire.  Sir, it is keeping the 747 in the air through unnatural means. The cockpit is gone. BWS has several limbs in 747 and appears to be tearing people from seats. It’s eating them, sir. Permission to invoke clean slate protocol.

Harbinger:(20:30:20) : Are all other TTP options off the table?

Reaver:(20:30:25) : Wyvern 3, missile away. Wyvern 4, missile away. Impacts confirmed. Remainder of 747 proceeding to splash down. BWS attention on me, damage from Wyvern 3 and 4 minimal. Repeat, request permission to invoke clean slate protocol.

Harbinger:(20:30:31) : Permission granted. Godspeed.

Reaver:(20:30:35) : Godspeed, sir.

Harpoon, via Brigadier General:(20:30:37) : Godspeed? Does anyone want to tell me what the hell is going on?

Harbinger:(20:31:30) : Our pilots are dead, Brigadier General, and they saved many lives in the process. Do yourself a favor and forget this ever happened, we will handle the press and your superiors.

**At this point the transmission ends, though the Brigadier General tries several times to reconnect. Official reports state that the passenger jet suffered a catastrophic failure of fuel lines shortly after take off due to faulty maintenance. Eye witness reports differ from this, but are quickly snubbed out by media outlets.**