Fiction Writing Friday: Ocean

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There I was; stranded, with no boat and only my waterproof backpack full of supplies with me.

Me and my bright idea to for an afternoon swim in waters I wasn’t familiar with, let alone with someone.
How did I get so far from the shoreline? I have such a great sense of direction on land, but drop me in the drink and I am as unprepared to point to True North as a busted compass missing its arrow.

Treading water, I figure I should survey my horizon-line view. I can tell I’ve been out here far more than a few hours; my hands are past that prune stage long ago, and I’m pretty sure they could sing a very good rendition of “Heard it Through the Grapevine”. If I don’t find the shore soon, I’m going to be stuck out here all night I fear.

Screenshot 2016-06-17 06.29.34
I can’t see anything useful; I mean, I’m like a person caught in the midst of a huge vast desert, who keeps seeing mirages of an oasis, but in my case, instead of water, I’m imagining sand and a tree and a patch of grass. I rub my eyes, knowing the salty water is only making matters worse, and I am wishing the itchiness would abate so I could think clearly.

I am so thirsty. Did I bring a water bottle? Ahhh, sweet. I did. Pouring a bit in my eyes, I resist the immediate temptation to rub the water out of them, and let the late afternoon air blow dry them.
Just like when you’re in a cornfield, you should always walk in one straight direction to get out, I decide I’m going to be proactive about my situation and I pick a direction; not sure which one it is at this point, and I begin to swim.

Screenshot 2016-06-17 06.31.11
Not sure when the sun set, but apparently I’m not heading west, or I would have been traveling right into it; good to know. I’m going to guess that since I wasn’t aware of it at all, I’m most likely swimming east-ish. Of all the ways I could have gone. I’ve been swimming for at least two hours in this direction, so turning back now is useless. I won’t make it back to shore before sunrise at least at this point. I’ll just keep going the way I am, and hope I reach an island.

Nightfall of the first day wasn’t bad, because I could watch the night’s sky without extreme hills or colourful mesas in my line of sight. Just me, my backpack, the deep ocean, and the sky.
The heat of the next day’s sun took it’s toll on me I fear. I am glad I had so many water bottles stashed! I just did an inventory count though, and I’m running low on the cooked fish I brought. I’m going to have to ration if I’m out here much longer. I am starting to see things though. Twice, I was sure I heard “Vwhoop! Gaaaaaah!” sounds, but when I spun around, nothing was there. I think I have heat exhaustion.

Night falls again, and I’ve been officially swimming east for a full day now. I’m running desperately low on food, and I’m down to three glass bottles of water. And I swear I see a sheep in the distance. I swim a bit closer, but instead of it fading from my view, the sheep is becoming clearer. And I’m guessing this is the insomnia kicking in to help perpetuate this crazy notion, but I think that sand and grass and a tree I see in the moon’s light.

Screenshot 2016-06-17 06.33.05

I must be delirious, and maybe a bit dehydrated from rationing, but these hallucinations have just taken an odd twist.
I couldn’t have seen a… whatever that was. Oh, I have fun green floaty bubbles around me now. I decide I need to get to land, toss out a bed, and sleep for as long as I can, until I’m set. Just as I start to swim again, I can feel the exhaustion dragging at me. Pulling me downward. I’m…so…tired all of a sudden. And these bubbles; what is with them?

I inadvertently look down at my body through the water, and see the strangest sight. Are there… lights coming from the ocean floor?

I’m curiously renewed in my vigour for the moment, and grab my underwater breathing equipment. Down, down, so much slower than I’d like, but I am heading toward the odd glowing blue green teal aqua lighting. It’s soothing me.
“OUCH!” I try to yell in the water. I have no clue what just hit me. Must have hit an electric eel or something by accident. “OUCH!” There is was again! I saw a bit of it that time, though I must be losing my mind, because I swear it was a purple taser. I see a mutated jellyfish swimming toward me, with one eye? Poor thing, no wonder it’s grumpy. “OUCH!” Wow, that one smarted a lot. He keeps hitting me with that tentacle of doom and I’m going to need a heart transplant. Yes, you’re a great AED, now please, leave me alone! I just wish I could swim faster to get away from grouchy boy.
Screenshot 2016-06-17 06.40.26
Oh, that’s better, I’m…  *GONG* well, I was swimming faster for a moment, until that weird hallucination hit me again.

This place though, it’s massive! How many others have stumbled upon this incredible monument? These walls seem to be made of mosaic plaid tiles and water infused rocks; but the lights.

Have I found Atlantis?


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