Ep 46: Ty’s Out of the Cooler, into the Frey (NOT Fæ)

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I am back. Finally. I’ve missed you all!!!!
I am sorry I have left you all for so long. My brain has not yet returned with me, and I’m hoping to be back writing more consistently, though it might have a twinge of a different feel to it once I get going again, but suffice to say, I promise I will not leave you that long intentionally again.

It’s been awhile, so I forgot I a) swear in this; b) like to swear in this; and c) need to come back up to the top of this and drop in that ‘audience might get butthurt if they see the word fuck’ pic, so here it is:

okay, it’s been too damn long since I’ve written anything, I had to scroll back to remember what I called that thing even. I am so sorry. I’m so so sorry.


Recap of Ep 45: ((Before I was back)) – so they were in a warehouse a few episodes back and helped rescue Jake (though dude has been tainted in some way… like WTF…) they fought the Technocracy (see: http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Technocratic_Union), fought and killed a Fomori under a bed. (see BANE SPIRIT POSSESSED being http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Fomori – think those undead dudes that are around the island that Harry and Dumbledore are at inside the cave… yeah, that kind of creepiness).

EPISODE 46 begins:

Remy was drinking at BMR (Big Metal Roar – Aisha’s bar that Ty’s sleeping in the cooler – well, her physical body has been stored there…) with some big-titted-chic (way to stay PC, Remsters) named Sally – and apparently Sally’s thinking Remy is a good puppy-daddy. Three suits walk in (I swear, when I heard Trey say this, I instantly thought of the scene in Firefly where Book tells Mal that he’s going to the “special hell”, and it made me giggle. Then to hear Remy say “I’m on a bunch of lists,” just made it 10000000x better. Fucking hells, I’ve missed that silly puppy.

There are Mirror Shades (gonna have to check if this is the changeling thing or the actual realm, but kudo points to me for even knowing there were two different possibilities!), fire, yelling, much yelling, in Latin (that’s the Demon), a broken chair, and then the.. OOOH, changeling and demon leave, so yeah, I was right BOOYAH! Remy, please stop making eye contact with the demon like he knows you’re about to go doggy-style on Sally. STAAAAAHP.

Ty is calling from the cooler – she’s apparently all reconnected – body and spirit – and is let out.
OOH! New shifter! Smells… sad. And kind of complex. Best thing to do? Ty HUGS the stuffing out of the new character (Cassidy – played by Heather, has been in game for awhile while I was on Hugfest and life’s lil chaoses). Yeah, her nickname in our group chat is Lady McNoTouchy for a reason. She’s… affronted at Ty’s reaction and has no idea how to deal with this giant 8’3″ homid pure non-peed-on-snow-white scarred female hugging her. Ty shrugs it off, and figures it is just par for the course with Cas, and she’s gonna make it her mission to help fix the new puppy.

Dafuq is wrong with everyone? Jake’s upstairs and apparently no one wants to really be around him. Sam… what have you done with your soul???????? WHERE IS AISHA?!?!?! Yeah, about that… *legit, this is how the conversation was dropped.* At least… dammit, Dean, why can’t you let Ty have at least ONE win?!? She’s gonna break your arm off at some point and then sew a tiny little cry baby fist on to the arm socket and beg Aisha to keep it that way with magic so that you can’t win another arm wrestle match.

Jake is doing a spell, something to do with a sunglobe, that gives off sunlight the size of a baseball, trying to reconnect himself to himself.
We’re now apparently 4 days from the 8 o’clock date. **forgot to get clarification on that, but it’s my own bad for missing it when I was watching the episodes I wasn’t in. I SAID I WAS SORRY PEOPLE!!!**

We’re heading to that fucking warehouse.
OH MY LOL. The car situation – it’s a hot mess. NO NO NO NO NO, Ty is always shotgun. Dammit Dean, seriously. Dean is shotgun. Car starts, Ty pukes in the backseat. Apparently, wherever she was being held, had not so great food. #SorryBaby #ImpalaCollateralDamage

Ty gets out of the car, and goes to ride shotgun in Cassidy’s Jeep – after promising not to hug her again.

No idea where Remy ended up, we were all laughing and I think he’s either sitting in sick (cause he’s a sick puppy) or he’s in the back of the Jeep like a loopy puppy with his tongue lolling out the side. Either way, he’s with one vehicle, and Jake’s gone off in the sky.

The warehouse is set up differently than before.

It has tarps and the computers are still there, but it’s now focusing on the small area that is tarped, and the computers are barely being guarded and occupied.

Jake’s in Corvid form, up in the rafters, able to relay everything over the mind-link other than to Cas.

There are 13 containers (like the ones in the warehouse before – just go watch the episodes I wasn’t in, I won’t apologise again for not writing shit about them while I was away – moving FORWARD), and some are open (4) and the rest are closed/locked.

For fucks sakes, Remy, how did you lose your goddamned boots?

Jake does Eyes of the Eagle in order to see in the darkness, and can see crucifixes (8 poor saps in one container alone) – the Blood Red Robes and Grey Uniformed beings are Children of the Antichrist and the janitorial (mind-dominated) beings are all milling about and they are going to be an issue for the Pack ((and Cassidy, as she’s not Pack yet)).

Three of us are outside (Sam, Cas, and myself), while Remy-the-boot-loser, Jake, and Dean are all inside so far. Cassidy does some fancy talking and convinces (whilst dropping my name as a contact) for three of the janitorial squad to heave ho from the building and their livelihoods and go find employment elsewhere. No one knows my name in any city other than this Pack and Aisha, so honestly dropping my name isn’t gonna be an issue.

I set my Ice Fangs, and stay outside. Remy looks into the umbral version of the building and sees a large… something. Dean heads up to the roof.

Sam dons a jumpsuit and heads inside, toward the computers. 4 jumpsuits and one Red Robe.

Jake flies up and sees Sam.

Cas goes up with the jumpsuit, heads inside as well.

Ty – now in Arthren form (10’8″ – 724lb and looking not so teddy-bear-ish anymore with the ice fangs and holding my giant once-cursed whalebone staff – I’m not lettin’ anyone out of this building alive unless they are Pack, Friend, or Rescued. Okay, so that could have just been stated easier saying the Red Robes are going down and if the janitors are still dominated when they come out and are attacking, I will defend out the wazoo out here.

Remy’s seeing a huge black pussy box. I think that was supposed to be PULSING, Sera…

Everyone’s on HIGH ALERT now. Jake sees some smoke coming from the (network box in real life is smaller than the version that Remy’s seeing in the Umbra) box, three of the four Red Robes race over to try to fix it.

One computer still functional, and the Red Robe is now silently chanting, trying to keep it on, trying to obviously fix the issue.

Dean is TARPSIDE, and Sam pulls the plug on the computer that the Red Robe is on…

and you have to wait until tomorrow night when we are playing again.

I have to spend 71xp (cause I have not used any since starting, and had over 30 left over before I began the game, so I got a bit of a talking to because I have shite for gifts and abilities. So Ty’s gonna be much better come tomorrow night. MUCH better.

And now I go to make Cassidy’s character and add that to the WoD banner for the next recap!

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