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I love what MissLucy has decided to do for you, so I am officially requesting all of the members of this united internationally eclectic creative journey to write up their own introduction of top tens that they’d like to achieve and share with the world.

Without further adieu, here are my own: (these are broken into two major categories for mine: Journey and Creativity).

In the Journey, I have the following areas I want to explore, entertain, and of course educate the audience about the DayLites happenings:100-days-cover-background

  1. #30days to quit smoking
    1. cessation tips and techniques
    2. knowing when and how to deal with triggers
    3. accepting when you want vs when you’re really ready
  2. #60days to balance and start to fix your finances
    1. back to basics
    2. jars
    3. fiscal responsibility
  3. #100days to start to change your life:
    1. eating better
    2. increasing activity
    3. living smarter
  4. calendar of events
  5. documents, charts, and other special pages
  6. my own personal journey
  7. reward system
  8. support
  9. fighting depression
  10. mini challenges

These will all have a new specific focus for each calendar of #100days, and in here you will have the methods I used to start to change my life over a year ago. Screenshot 2016-02-16 10.14.56

Creativity, in all of these areas are going to be topics du jour for me:

  1. creative projects
  2. recipes
  3. diy/how-to-make crafts, household hacks, etc.
  4. photography
  5. underwater videos
  6. geeky nerdy fandoms (including memorials/tributes, tv show binges, and games!)
  7. party planning
  8. animals (yup, if you’ve been following along, you know this is where I scream MONKEYS!)
  9. NaNo, writing, words, and all things related
  10. other fun creative endeavours.

That’s a lot shorter than you were used to from me, eh? Let me know what you’re interested in!

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