December Book Photo Challenge – Day 15: Guilty Pleasure

Originally posted 2015-12-15 17:00:28.

Day 15 of the new challenge from Books and Cupcakes where we will be focusing on children’s books! Another book I compulsively read and reread when I was young. I even ended up reading  the sequels Good Wives, Little Men and Jo’s Boys, although I don’t really remember much about those books. But this one stays with me (certain scenes in particular, eg the beautiful books they are each given for Christmas – I think they are meant to be Pilgrims Progress; Jo wearing a burnt dress to the ball meaning she has to stand throughout with her back to the wall until Laurie invites her to dance; the whole relationship between Jo and Laurie (I so wanted her to love him); the sweetness of Beth; the liveliness of Amy). The older sister Meg is an interesting one too – as a child I found her prim and proper (boring really) but I suspect if I read the book now she might be the one I’d most identify with. This book is a guilty pleasure because it is regarded by many as corny, overly sentimental and old fashioned. And yes I suppose in a sense this is true but for me the story of four girls growing up, each with their own quirks, foibles, strengths and aspirations remains a timeless one. Reading the book is like pulling a warm comfort blanket over yourself – you know you can’t stay under there forever but it’s cosy while you’re there. And in regard to the book you can’t escape forever into the world the Marches inhabit (and you probably wouldn’t want to) but you can enjoy a visit every now and again in this enduring tale.