December Book Photo Challenge: Day 12 Reading By the Fire

Originally posted 2015-12-12 20:00:37.

Hello and welcome to day 12 of the  Books and Cupcakes  Photo Book Challenge!  This is a month we are focusing on children’s books!


For those unfamiliar with Hans Christian Anderson’s classic tale, I will try not to give too much away. I loved this story as a child. I remember looking through the illustrations and finding the whole story haunting. It is definitely one to read toasty and warm by the fireplace or curled up with blankets and hot cocoa so you have easy access to snuggles.

The story follows a little girl as she tries to sell matches and stay warm on the cold streets. This particular version takes the original story and transports it to a busy city. The girl in this version must sell matches or else her father would beat her. She finds some comfort in the glow and warmth of the fire and the visions that they give her during the long, cold, and snowy night. The ending is both heartbreaking and beautiful. Tissues may be required.

I recognize that classic tales like this are easily accessible on the internet, but the illustrations by Rachel Isadora make this book worth the read!

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