December Book Photo Challenge – Day 11: Cocoa and a Book

Originally posted 2015-12-11 17:00:08.

Day 11 of the new challenge from Books and Cupcakes where we will be focusing on children’s books! I read this book so many times when I was young. My favourite part was when the grandfather gives Heidi goats milk and goats cheese – it sounded delicious. Then later when Heidi curls up to sleep on the soft hay – oh how I wanted to turn our cold unwelcoming shed into a cosy hayloft but my parents weren’t having any of it (they also refused to buy me goats milk  – back in the 70s I think that was suspect stuff!). Heidi is a wonderful book to read and reread. Little Heidi doing her best to settle into life in Frankfurt but missing her grandfather so very much still brings tears to my eyes. So  definitely a book to curl up with on the sofa with a hot cup of cocoa (although I would like it made out of goats milk please!).