December Book Photo Challenge – Day 8: Best Cliffhanger

Originally posted 2015-12-08 17:00:47.

Day 8 of the new challenge from Books and Cupcakes where we will be focusing on children’s books! Today’s children’s book is a little more in the YA variety, and part of my favorite YA series (next to HP of course!) Catching Fire! Quick run down, the Hunger Games is a series about a dystopian society where children from different districts are pitted against each other in an arena for the amusement of the Capital once a year. ***SPOILER BELOW FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE NOT READ HUNGER GAMES OR HAVE SEEN THE MOVIES!***



Katniss (our fearless protagonist) and Peeta (my secret love of my life! #teampeeta) end up winning the 74th hunger games together which is something that has never happened before. I will leave out how it is done!

Well, the Capital is MAD, very very mad. And Peeta and Katniss end up in the 75th hunger games as well! As the book goes on, there seems to be a great plot going on and everyone is helping to get Katniss out of these games. I do not want to ruin any more, but let me tell you the ending of this book really left me hanging and I starting the third novel 2 minutes after I finished it!  Give it a read!!


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