Day 5: Favorite in Game Items

Originally posted 2011-03-19 08:14:08.

I could probably make a list of 100 cool items in game that I just love, but I do not want to bore you all to death so I will just name five.

1. Amani War Bear – This is by far my favorite item in the game. This is the mount that came out of completing the timed run in Zul’aman. There was only one available per run and this was not the easiest thing to achieve. The bosses were difficult and there was a lot of trash so everyone had to push. As of Wraith of the Lich King Expansion, this mount has been taken out of the game. But I like to ride mine around with pride because I was so proud of my group for being able to do this!

2. Kobold Candle – I have always loved killing those little Kobold’s with the dang candles on their heads! I think I was just jealous of their cool candles. Well now I get to have one! By completing the quest I TAKE Candle, you actually get one! Woot! The best is the item description. Everyone should want this cool item!

3. Tiny Voodoo Mask – Another flashback to Zul’aman! This trinket is amazingly fun. When you used it, three gnomes appeared with lightening and kicked everything’s butt! OK OK not everything, but they were so cute and fun to watch. I used them on trash in many raids and dungeons for fun when healing was not really needed. I still have this trinket in my bank and will pull it out and use it just for the fun memories.

4. Pengu –  All I have to say is adorable penguin pet! What else do you need?

5. Glyph of the Treant – Last but not least, like I said I promised to keep this list at 5, this allows you to look like the old Tree of Life form when you are shifted into a Tree. Do I really need to explain why I love this?!

What are your favorite WoW items?

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