Day 4: My Best WoW Memory

Originally posted 2011-03-18 07:00:21.

I have a lot of great memories linked to WoW but one of my favorites was one fine day in Shadow Labs. I was playing my warlock and wanted to run a dungeon with 2 friends. This is back in the time before the automatic dungeon finder, so we had to do our own work to find others. We only needed DPS so this job was easy and we picked up two hunters. One hunter I will call M and the other was called Drewtwo. I knew I was in for a fun time when M got into the instance, killed a critter, and yelled “2k CRIT!!!!”

We start moving and killing and M keeps killing critters and telling us how much she hits them for. I did not want the other hunter to leave because he thought she was with us so I whispered him “OMG this hunter is so annoying.” He answered back laughing and asked if I knew her, I gleefully replied no. We spent the rest of the instance bantering back and forth about this hunter, and even the other members of the party. The instance went well and we ended it by laughing about how overpowered warlocks were as I beat him in overall damage done.

Now most of you are probably like ‘what the heck? That does not sound like a good WoW memory!’ Well the reason this memory is so dear to my heart is because this is how I met my husband. Yes, Drewtwo ended up becoming the man of my dreams and we are now married with a daughter.

Now for a silly/embarrassing WoW memory. Back in BC I would raid SSC with our guild. I was constantly in Tree Form and druids were really over powered with HoTs. I was sitting at the top of the healing meters (not that healing meters matter as long as people were alive!) but my heals seemed weaker than normal. I could not figure out for the life of me what was going wrong. I said to my boyfriend (now husband) that something was wrong with my character. I opened up my character sheet to have a look at my gear and lo and behold I found my problem, I had my fishing pole equipped! Since I was always in Tree Form I did not notice I had a pole instead of my mace.

I was completely embarrassed and did not want anyone to find out. But, my husband noticed when I said “oh crap” and then told everyone on vent who proceeded to all laugh at me! Needless to say, I always checked my gear after that.

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