Day 3: The Day it all Began!

Originally posted 2011-03-17 09:00:38.

Let’s actually take it back to the night before it all began. I was flipping through the TV and saw there was an episode of South Park on. Since I enjoyed the show, I decided to watch it and that is when I saw it was all about World of Warcraft, a game I heard of but never played. I do not think I ever laughed so hard at an episode in my life, but not only did I laugh, I was interested in what the game was about. I talked to my boyfriend at the time and got him to want to buy and play the game as well.

The next day I went to school at my college and ran to the GameStop that was on campus. I picked up a copy of the game and rushed home to install it. As it installed, I looked through the book and picked the race and class that I would play. Excitement grew as the download and patches ticked on by. Once I created my account and logged in I spent almost an hour creating my first character: a human warlock named Calencil.

I popped into the game and was instantly overcome. The graphics were cool, the world was intriguing, and the game play was so much fun. Being the first MMO I have ever played, I was not really sure what to expect. I started to level and I thought the warlock class was awesome! I loved the spells and the demons. The quests were easy and fun (although I learned to hate leveling, but when I was a noob I thought it was great).

I was on an role playing server because I was a fan of games like Dungeons and Dragons and World of Darkness. But I really had no idea just how role playing would work online like this in a game. However, on my first day I got to find out! I was wondering around and a guy whispered me and asked if I would like to help him summon a demon. I thought it would be fun so I went along. He started explaining to me what we would be doing and everything seemed really complex. I finally asked what spell I would be casting and told him since I was only level 4, I probably would not have the spell yet. Enter me feeling dumb…the guys then says “Umm…this is an RP.” To which I reply, “Oh…well I think I am just gonna go level. Thanks!” And I ran off on my merry way.

I spent the last of the night becoming slowly addicted to WoW, leveling, and realizing just how much of a noob I really was. The rest is history!

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