Crustless Pizza

Originally posted 2016-06-06 12:00:52.

So we have been trying to renew our attempt at keeping grain free, my husbands intolerance issues are only getting worse, so we really need to get on it again so he can get better (on top of going to the Dr again to pursue a Celiac diagnosis). I found this gem online and hopefully it will take care of our pizza needs!

Recipe can be found here!

It is sort of like the fathead pizza that I listed on here before – which I still totally love – but the price of almonds gets to me sometimes and this looks like a little cheaper and nut free alternative! Otherwise it’s almost the same kind of “crust”. This one is also made in a casserole dish vs a cookie sheet on parchment paper. This one also leaves out the mozzarella from the crust, so there is another cost that has been trimmed down. It’s simply cream cheese, Parmesan and spices. The crust part is liquid when you put it in the oven to bake up before you put the toppings on. Then add all ¬†your toppings once you have the crust baked! Delicious!