Creative Idea #2: 50 Words or Less

Originally posted 2017-03-08 14:30:17.

Creativity can be something that gets us through the hard times, sees us through those rough patches in life, and gives us definition and meaning in our otherwise rather sedate lives.
Wait, who has a sedate life these days? How many browser tabs do you currently have open? Are you only on one piece of live technology, or is there a tablet, a phone, a desktop or laptop next to you? How many programs do you have running? Are you at work, in the passenger seat of a car (we are just going to naturally assume you DO NOT GEEK AND DRIVE people!!), sitting in a routine meeting?

Well, if you are in that meeting, and you’re sitting there with a pen and paper, doodle.
That’s right, pick an “I spy, with my lil eye” item, and draw it. Or write about it. or make a poem. 50 words or less. <<< The writing in this section is 3x the amount I’m suggesting. Doodle a picture of something.
Get a stack of post it notes and doodle on it one/day for a month.
Get those creative juices flowing!

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