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Today was the first of probably many to come of not having internet on the island.
Though I did pop online briefly at the boy’s work to send a couple of group “don’t worry messages”, I will say it wasn’t bothersome. For now.
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I do hope that it gets into a rhythm if possible, so I start to learn the pattern of ebbs and flows of when it’s going to disappear and reappear. I don’t mind working around that at all. If I know I have one hour connectivity during my day, every day, from now on, I shall plan my days accordingly as best possible.

That’s not to say that there isn’t wifi connections all over the island – I simply haven’t discovered them all yet. All in due time.
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I will say, I was completely prepared for this, and other than missing an important birthday skype session and another important DekaSteps skype meeting, both of whom were more than graciously understanding when I relayed my situation (after hubs had sent several variations of ‘DON’T PANIC!’ out to everyone, including one on the public DekaSteps Facebook page), I was completely chill without internet all day.

I just don’t like being caught unawares is all. It might seem like a trivial thing, but it’s not so much the physical connection to the internet, as the repercussions of the lack thereof. And frankly, I’ll be delving more into those finer points in articles to come, when I touch on actual heavy conversations. For now, these are just the little “dear diary” kinds of daily updates that I want to start bringing to everyone.

I enjoy not having to sort through over a dozen junk emails to get to one that I do want to read; and yes, I am aware of filters, but ‘ain’t no one got time for that!’ (especially when you’re not online all that long any more!)
Nia and Kaylee had another vet appointment checkup today, and that wasn’t scheduled through the internet anyway, so they showed up when it was convenient for everyone. I knew when to pick the boy up from work, and other than that, today was mine to enjoy. I took a nice long cool shower, then Kaylee and I celebrated a great Vet visit with a leisurely nap together, while Nia slept on top of the fridge. Leave it to the Maine Coon to be in the Caribbean and want to be up in the heat, away from the fan or breeze, laying on the giant purring heat pusher outer.

lazy flealionesses

lazy flealionesses

Not too bad for ‘livin the good life’ now. Especially with wicked cramps, and need to focus properly on basic tasks in order to not clumsy them up too badly.

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