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ASL: oh, wait, this isn’t 2000, and I’m not MSN Chat or ICQ…

Let’s try that again.

Hey everyone, clumsypixie here. For those who know me, you can just nod through all the parts you’re currently familiar with, so I can catch others up to speed about the world of the pixie.

Basics: I’m in my Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Birthday year (nope, not having my birthday May 24th, but rather I’m turning 42 in October), and am in the midst of just getting settled in my new life (I’ll get to that part in a minute or two).

I was hatched not far from one of the Chief Geeklets, Dame Tame. I’ve lived in several different Canadian cities and provinces, and even spent two and a half years in a semi truck – not driving – just writing and playing Baldur’s Gate. If you haven’t played it, go. Steam has it. Do it. *healthy peer pressure*

Screenshot 2016-05-05 22.02.26
I’ve had short stories and poems published, and over the years, I’ve done radio shows and different acting pieces. I don’t think I have “a face for radio”, but I’m more comfortable behind the scenes, and I do not sing anymore, though at one time, I used to perform in front of thousands.

Last November, I took part in my first NaNo(WriMo) and due to several different situations, wasn’t able to stay on track through most of the first three weeks.

Screenshot 2015-11-23 17.44.46
Then, I decided this is it, buckle down, and go at it. I had to retype over 10,000 words that were somehow lost during a previous writing (not sure even where the temp file of it went, but thankfully I hand write most things [old school all the way!], and I didn’t lose the actual work.

Screenshot 2015-11-24 10.49.09

With all the extra 10K, making it 33,000+ for three days’ writing, I completed the 50K (plus almost another 1000 to make sure I didn’t under count!) before the deadline.  This was in the midst of my second #100days event, and that is a story (or collection rather) all on its own. At some point, I’m sure I’ll link all those things to different writings here.

deka logo vector
I am a very large believer in helping make tomorrows better for everyone, and I am excited to share my stories here and in the DekaSteps world as well. (In future posts, I’ll tell you more about that, and what is in store for everyone from that perspective.)

My husband is a Professor (he has a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada), and he just started as a Prof at MUA – the Medical University of the Americas, located in on a small island in the Caribbean.

Google Map Caribbean Islands

large map (that’s Miami Florida up there at the top) of Caribbean islands. Where the stars are is where I am.

As of May 6, 2016, I will have been in Nevis (& St Kitts) one month.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 20.35.41
The plan: to make this HOME – permanently. It’s definitely doing a good job wooing me, and it doesn’t have to try too hard.

all the stars are actual places we've checked out and either had a meal or taking photographs or... yeah fun things.

all the stars are actual places we’ve checked out and either had a meal or taking photographs or other fun things like groceries.

Just over a month ago, I was sitting in a city near Toronto, Ontario, watching snow fall. That might be my last winter of snow ever. I’m pretty okay with that idea actually, so don’t feel too badly for me just yet. If I miss the snow that much, I’ll toss some ice cubes in the blender and shower with the ice dust.

We have two cats, Nia (Maine Coon, 8yrs old), and Kaylee (Snowshoe, 3yrs old). Sadly, I cannot claim cool points on Kaylee’s name, though I have wanted a Kaylee ever since… …. … *controls sobs until you know me better* F–i–r–e–f–l–y……!!!!

Nia is stretched out in the foreground, Kaylee curled up in the background.

Nia is stretched out in the foreground, Kaylee curled up in the background.

St Kitts (larger) and Nevis (the smaller one, which we live on) is located west of Antigua & Barbuda, and south of Puerto Rico. We can drive around the entire country of Nevis in an hour. Doing a max of 40mph/64kph, and that includes stopping for sheep who randomly just decide it’s time for a stroll down the middle of the road, and other fun obstacles that make me laugh on a daily basis. I love this life.

I was seriously meant to live in a small world. The people here are decent, beautiful, kind, and very chill in a easy-going kinda way.

after my swim (North Atlantic Ocean side of Nevis, at Herbert's Beach) May 4, 2016

after my swim (North Atlantic Ocean side of Nevis, at Herbert’s Beach) May 4, 2016

Speaking of chill, just so that someone amazing never forgets how cool she is, I’m officially now making ‘aten’ a word to use in reference to having eaten or eated (yup, totally claiming that one exists too) something. Though I’m going on the premise that the item that would have been the subject was not a pleasant nom. Is the past tense then “atened? atenned? atendyed?” I think I’m getting away from the original concept here… I’m trying to grammar the non words.

This is what happens when hubs hands me a bowl of fruit salad (local fruits from Nevis!) and it has chocolate ice cream in it. You know what they say about giving Mogwai food after midnight…

I ramble. But I do get around to a point eventually. I had 20-minute time limits put on me in grades 3 & 4 (Mr. John Bigg was my teacher). I remember telling everyone about the first time I watched Gremlins, and it took me three weeks to tell the class about it. Spoilers? What were those? I told them what each character’s hair colour was, the shoes, the… well, if you haven’t watched it by now, I’m not going to ruin the effect of such a classic movie. You’ll get to know a lot about me over the coming articles, no doubt.

Screenshot 2016-04-27 12.14.19

I stumble, I am clumsy, and I am ever questing to be a better version of myself each day that passes. I look forward to walking on this creative journey with you, sharing our geek fandoms, our love of all things Deadpool (obviously) and Lady Meckanika (steampunk, comics, female lead? YES please!), and even a dash of Harley Quinn (gonna admit right now, Suicide Squad better be a decent official intro about her for everyone who hasn’t followed her since the beginning!) to spice things up.

I love Marvel.

I love Marvel.

I’m a gamer who doesn’t own consoles (or a tv at this point), a movie buff who has a horrible internet connection (gah! angsty much, Pix?) and love animals, writing, art, music, and all things that make people be the best them possible. You can follow a lot of my crazy fun on instagram.

Until next time folks. I promise, I’ll try to keep the articles I deliver short and sweet. I will rarely succeed, but I will try.

**all photos are either mine personally taken/created, or they are from Google Search with the issuance of “labeled for reuse with modification” – but most will be from me personally.**

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