BuJo Basics: Waiting Is NO Fun!

Originally posted 2016-12-19 17:00:46.

My BuJo (official one) is on it’s way. I’m so sorry about not having an article for last week; honestly, I had nothing to comment on about it other than “I’m waiting to get it ordered and shipped out to this crazy island where they don’t sell everything I want on a whim”.

So for the third time today, I’m going to issue that my patience needs MORE patience.

My BuJo *might* be here next week. Or it could be here the first week of January. Anytime in between tomorrow and January 5th I am to expect it.

*POUTS* That won’t do!

So what is a Clumsypixie to do while waiting? Practice cursive writing and doodles!

It’s been too long since I did proper calligraphy. I have the books. I should start doing those again. Perhaps that will be next week’s BuJo workout article! (Especially if my new BuJo doesn’t arrive in time!)

Yeah, I’m a messy writer when I’m note-taking.

Do you think I know how to do eyeliner and mascara? No; I don’t either. At least I don’t leave the house with that much on when I do actually don makeup.

Inspired by a girlfriend’s daughter, I made some Kawaii cuties! Some aren’t even half bad for a quick draw!

I’m going to be adding a countdown tracker for when I finally get across the Atlantic Puddle this year. *Squeals* I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

*sobs dramatically* There is a lot of editing that needs to be done this coming year. Publishers don’t like spelling mistakes or 300,000+ words for a first draft… *innocent look*

Some more quick doodles for possible mood-tracker idea I’m contemplating putting in.

I decided the others were too large, so I figured some smaller goofy pics might work better to fill in spaces.

Yeah, I have been pre-planning my actual BuJo in a non-BuJo-esque book!

What do you have in your BuJo? Let us know about it!

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