Budget Idea #5: Meal Planner

Originally posted 2017-03-27 14:30:07.

We throw away way too much food.

There are three simple reasons for this:

One, when we’re at the store, we impulse purchase things that we know we have no actual desire to use, but for whatever reason, our brains tell us that we HAVE to have that particular item.
Two, we are sure we ran out of the product at home, and end up grabbing unnecessary duplicates. This isn’t bad when it’s cans of something or boxes of non-perishable items, horrible if you have 19 green peppers though. Which leads to the third one.
Three, we have a great idea in our head about what we’re going to make, we get to the store, get all the ingredients (or in my case, I usually leave one out! D’oh!), and end up making too much of something else, leading to leftovers and that excellent meal never happens as planned.

Creating a working meal planner that works for you/your family, might seem exhausting at the start, but trust me; when you get this up and running, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done this all along. Pre-planning meals means less waste, and that increases what stays in your wallet/bank account.

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