Budget Idea #4: Bank on Memories

Originally posted 2017-03-20 14:30:22.

For budgeting to work effectively, there MUST be an open dialogue of what is working and what is needing improvement.

Like we mentioned last week, setting aside chore moneys for the actual reward/vacation is crucial to feeling like there is actual value in the work done. It doesn’t ever have to be a trip to the moon you are saving for (but seriously, if you are, and you have that much, and you want to bring me along, I’ll be packed in about 35 seconds), but it should be a family consensus. Maybe you’ve never gone to the IMAX theatre; maybe you want to fly to San Diego and go to the official ComiCon; you make your choice. Together.

Do something bold and fun and NEW. Something that you can laugh and enjoy and make positive memories for, so when you return, you’ll immediately want to start cleaning up to begin saving for the next awesome geeky adventure!

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